Wolfe and Cook win Terra-X

March 6, 2023

Jordan Wolfe and Benny Cook made their return to the MASTERS Racing Circuit by capturing multiple classes at Saturday’s Terra-X races in Ontonagon.  Nathan LaCosse took 1st in a new form of Enduro racing.

The Pat’s Heavy Equipment Full Line Bobcat Dealer TOP DOG Finals: L-R, Jordan Wolfe-1st & Nathan LaCosse-2nd

Both Wolfe and Cook had competed in the past at MASTERS Hillclimbs.  It was the former Hurley area, Jordan Wolfe that won the TOP DOG feature over LaCosse.  Wolfe, now from Plover, Wisconsin, used his years of Snow Cross experience to hold off the ‘teen-ager’ from Champion, to win the 5 lap TOP DOG.

Wolfe, now racing the Brown Brothers/Timberline Sports Ski-Doo, had set the fastest time in the ¾ of mile Terra-X Course qualifying by running 56.09.  “The landing on the double and the table top comes from my Snow Cross experience,” Wolfe stated.  “First year running this new Ski-Doo and it really handled well.”

Citizens State Bank Enduro Champion has MASTERS Sandy Schulz handing Nathan LaCosse of Champion the $200.00

The time trials set the stage for exciting 2-sled finals.  LaCosse had previously run a 57.25 second lap, and defeated last year’s Terra-X top racer, Wyatt McIntyre of Greenland in all of the Pro Stock Classes.  The Polaris racer had to defeat McIntyre in the Semi-Finals of TOP DOG to challenge Wolfe for the #1 Bib in Terra-X.

Both were side by side in the long straight stretch out of the starting gate.  Going into the ‘S’ turns, Wolfe took the lead and never relinquished it for the 5 lap feature.  It was in the ‘S’ turns that LaCosse had some previous problems in other class races.

“It was actually easier for me to handle the sharp turns with the softer snow in the afternoon.  It was more difficult earlier in the day when it was icy,” explained Wolfe.

All the drivers stated they really liked the course that the North Country Snowmobile Club built.  Social Media was full of compliments from the fans that watched the races.  ‘It was great,’ and ‘that was exciting racing’ was the common post of those that watched.

Fans were able to watch from their vehicles, inside and outside of the North Country Snowmobile Clubhouse.  The club raised money for the work they did building the track and for Trail Grooming.  The club also received a $1000 donation from Norm Pestka Construction.

Fans were lined up in Cars, inside the North Country Snowmobile Clubhouse and outside around the 906 Services Bonfire to watch the Terra-X and Enduro races in Ontonagon on March 4th, 2023 in Ontonagon. The Volunteers of the club will be returning with another Terra-X/Enduro race in 2024!

Wolfe pocketed $350 for his wins, $200 of which came from Pat’s Motorsports for winning the TOP DOG Feature.

At the end of the day, LaCosse will be getting a check from The Olde Swing Bridge Coffee Shop for his Stock Class wins.

It was the side by side Children racing that drew the applause from the fans.  DePere, Wisconsin’s Benny Cook took both the 120 Mod and the 250 Premium Spray Foam and Coatings Class features.  The closest racing came in the 250 class as Otto Walli of the Copper Country and Ontonagon’s Addison Dishaw battled it out for 2nd.  Walli held Dishaw at bay to take 2nd for the Olde Swing Bridge Roasters Children’s Awards.

“Benny loves to race.  He loves to get ‘air’ off the jumps.  He is actually more comfortable with the 120 than he is with the new Yamaha 200,” Amy Cook, Benny’s Mother, stated.  “He would love to ride his snowmobiles all day long!”

Cook proved his mother right, as he and the other children continued to ride the course long after all the racing was done!

Cook had originally taken the MASTERS ‘Kids King of the Hill’ at prior year Hillclimbs.  Walli started racing by running at the MASTERS Hillclimbs.  Both children now race full time in other Circuit Snow Cross races.  Dishaw and Cooper Pestka, have competed this year at the MASTERS Hillclimbs.  The Circuit runs a shorter ‘Terra-X’ style course at the bottom of Whealkate Bluff in South Range.

For the first time in the brief 3 years that the MASTERS had run Enduro racing, that the Circuit had the drivers run their 1999 and older 500 cc sleds for the first 15 minutes.  Than the riders had to jump off their Vintage sleds and run their current snowmobiles for the remaining 15 minutes.

LaCosse and McIntyre opened up the Enduro racing in a tight side by side battle.  After a couple laps, LaCosse started to take a lead in the Citizen’s State Bank Enduro.  By the time the drivers changed sleds, LaCosse had a half lap lead over McIntyre and an entire lap lead over Rockland’s Larry Madgewick.

Madgewick opened the enduro with an old 1970 Arctic Cat 340 Jag with leaf springs.  When LaCosse and McIntyre changed over to current sleds, Madgewick changed over to another Vintage Sled, a decade newer Arctic Cat.

One of the top Hillclimbers in the Midwest, McIntyre edged Madgewick in the Terra-X Vintage II class.  McIntyre showed his sportsmanship by congratulating LaCosse, Wolfe, and Madgewick for how well they ran in both Terra-X and Enduro.  “Jordan (Wolfe) earned the TOP DOG win.  Nathan ran strong all day!”

Wyatt McIntyre of Pat’s Heavy Equipment/Bobcat giving Larry Madgewick $200 for Enduro Award

While LaCosse won $200 from Citizen’s State Bank of Ontonagon, it was Pat’s Heavy Equipment that gave the 60+ year old Madgewick $200 for running the entire half hour straight on Vintage sleds.

“The races were great.  I really want to thank all of our Club volunteers and all the fans.  The racers put on a great show for the fans.  We would like to run 2 Terra-X races here next year,” stated North Country Snowmobile Club President, Mike Olsen.

North Country Snowmobile Club Terra-X/Enduro Results

(Top 2 in Finals and Semi-Finals)

Pat’s Motorsports TOP DOG:  1) Jordan Wolfe, Plover, WI., Ski-Doo;  2) Nathan LaCosse, Champion, MI., Polaris.  Semi-Finals:  1) LaCosse.  2) Wyatt McIntyre, Greenland, MI., Polaris.

Citizen’s State Band Enduro:  1) Nathan LaCosse, Champion, MI., Polaris;  2) Wyatt McIntyre, Greenland, MI., Polaris.  Pat’s Motorsports Enduro Award to Larry Madgewick, Rockland, MI., Arctic Cat.

Premium Spray Foam & Coatings 120 Mod:  1) Benny Cook, DePere, WI., Polaris;  2) Otto Walli, Lake Linden, MI., Polaris;  3) Connor Pestka, Ontonagon, MI., Arctic Cat

Premium Spray Foam & Coatings 250 Children:  1) Benny Cook, DePere, WI., Yamaha;  2) Otto Walli, Lake Linden, MI., Ski-Doo;  3) Addison Dishaw, Ontonagon, MI., Tao.

Pat’s Heavy Equipment Bobcat Pro Mod 650:   1) Jordan Wolfe, Plover, WI., Ski-Doo 2) Nathan LaCosse, Champion, MI., Polaris;  Semi-Finals:  1) LaCosse;  2) Wyatt McIntyre, Greenland, MI., Polaris.

Citizen’s State Bank-Ontonagon Pro Mod 850:  1) Jordan Wolfe, Plover, WI., Ski-Doo;  2) Nathan LaCosse, Champion, MI., Polaris:  Sem-Finals:  1) LaCosse;  2) Wyatt McIntyre, Greenland, MI., Polaris. 

Old Swing Bridge Vintage II:  1) Wyatt McIntyre, Greenland, MI., Polaris;  2) Larry Madgewick, Rockland, MI., Arctic Cat.

North Country Snowmobile Club Stock 650:  1) Nathan LaCosse, Champion, MI., Polaris;  2) Wyatt McIntyre, Greenland, MI. Polaris.  Semi-Finals:  1) McIntyre;  2) Jordan Wolfe, Plover, WI., Polaris

Premium Spray Foam & Coatings Stock 850:  1) Nathan LaCosse, Champion, MI., Polaris;  2) Wyatt McIntyre, Greenland, MI., Polaris.

Pat’s Motorsports Pro Open Stock:   1) Nathan LaCosse, Champion, MI., Polaris;  2) Wyatt McIntyre, Greenland, MI., Polaris.  Semi-Finals:  1)  McIntyre;  2) Larry Madgewick, Rockland, MI., Arctic Cat.

Olde Swing Bridge # 1 Woman Terra-X:  Kaci Destrampe, Ontonagon, Polaris & Addison Dishaw, Ontonagon, Tao

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