Ontonagon to host Snowmobile Races on Saturday, March 4, 2023!

March 3, 2023

The site of the very first Terra-X race in the Nation will host another race this Saturday.  It will be at the North Country Snowmobile Club that the MASTERS Racing Circuit will run a Terra-X and V-5 Enduro Snowmobile Race.

Terra-X is a form of racing where riders of all ages and skill level will run a course consisting of hairpin turns, jumps, groomed sweeping turns and fast straight away.  The riders will run by themselves against the clock.  The 2nd and 3rd fastest times will then race side by side in the Semi-Finals, with the winner of that race taking on the fastest time in the Class Feature.

There is different classes from Junior to Trail riders to Pro level.  Those different divisions will be broken up based on the engine size of the snowmobile.

“What makes this day so much fun and exciting is the Children’s classes.  This is for kids from 4 years old to 12, running 120cc to 250 cc sleds.  They will race against each other on the course,” explained Larry Madgewick, MASTERS Official.  “Some have been racing on a shorter course at the bottom of our Hillclimbs, and some have been racing all winter In Snow Cross.”

Citizen’s State Bank of Ontonagon is going to hand out $200 to the winner in the TOP DOG Class.  This is the top professionals.  At last year’s Terra-X Championships in Saxon, Wisconsin, Wyatt McIntyre of Greenland won the Top Dog Feature over Matt Tingstad of Hurley.  McIntyre will be back to retain the #1 Terra-X crown.

After all of the Terra-X races are done the V-5 Enduro will take place.  This is where snowmobiles that are 1999 and older, with 500 cc or less engine size, will run for a half hour straight.  They will run on the same course as the Terra-X racers.

“I’ll never forget that first race where Jimmy Marietta had a big lead right to the end, then he blew a belt.  Did that make the finish exciting,” commented North Country Snowmobile Club President, Mike Olsen.  “They all start off hard and fast, but by the end you can see how tired they are!”

It is the North Country Snowmobile Club that has done a lot of work building the course.  The Club is proud to not only bring this race back to Ontonagon, but also how the race is great for the young children, including the Juniors.

“This is the future of snowmobiling.  It is great to see the Parents get the kids involved in snowmobile racing.  It is a great way for Parents and Children to bond,” explained Olsen.

The winner of the V-5 Enduro is going to get $200 from Pat’s Heavy Equipment, as a full line Bobcat Dealer.  They are located on M-38 in Greenland, right across from Pat’s Motorsports.  The North Country Snowmobile Club has also received sponsorship from Old Swing Bridge Coffee of Downtown Ontonagon.

The club and the race has also received a lot of help and sponsorship from 906 Services.  It is right up from 906 Services on M-64 that the race will take place.

Racer registration is Friday, March 3rd from 2-8 pm at the Motorhome, located at the track.  Registration will also run from 8 to 9 am on Saturday Morning.  Racing will begin around 10:00 am.  The MASTERS, which is an acronym for Mid America Snow and Terrain Expert Racers, is asking for a $5.00 donation.  The North Country Snowmobile Clubhouse will have food and beverages.  Fans can watch the races from inside the Clubhouse.

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