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MASTERS-logoMid America Snow and Terrain Expert Riders Circuit

The MASTERS Circuit

General MASTERS Racing Circuit Rules apply to ALL Snowmobile Series (Hillclimb/Hill Challenge and Hillcross)

610 Greenland Road, Ontonagon, MI 49953


    1. All drivers must read, understand, and agree to abide by ALL MASTERS Rules. The following rules apply to the Snowmobile HIllclimb event(s).
    2. The MASTERS reserves the right to not accept an entry.
    3. Hereafter, Driver and Racer is the individual competing at the event, and it is up to the racer to see, inspect, and determine if he/she has the necessary skills to compete at the event. The racer will be given the opportunity before the event begins to cancel his/her registration and will get a full refund of all entry fees.  However, after the event has begun and during the final drivers meeting, if the racer has knowingly seen the hill, course, and does not ask to cancel his registration, then that driver will not get a refund for any of his/her registration fees for that specific event.  It is the sole responsibility of the driver to accept or ask to cancel his/her registration for the safety of the driver and the fans.
    4. Unless specifically specified in the MASTERS Rules, and/or discussed at/or during a drivers meeting, all ISR Rules for Hillclimb will be in effect.
    5. The MASTERS reserves the right to limit the amount of entries and limit the amount of classes a driver can compete in. Effective Jan, 1, 2020, a Driver cannot enter more than 2 Pro Stock and 2 Pro Mod Classes in Snowmobile Hillclimb.
    6. Other than 120cc and Junior Division racers that have Pre-Registered and paid all fees in advance of the day BEFORE the race, ALL Hillclimb drivers are required to attend the Drivers Meeting the night prior to the event, unless prior arrangements are made, whereby an authorized representative of the driver has been agreed upon. ALL drivers and those that have signed the Waiver of Liability Form as a pit person are required to be at the drivers meeting at the beginning of the event. NO exceptions.  It will be at the Drivers meeting the day of the event that a driver will be given the chance to inspect, look over the hill and the course, and if he/she does not feel he/she has the skills to safely compete, that driver can ask to cancel his/her registration and will receive a full refund.  However, once that drivers meeting is over, the event begins, and NO refunds will be given.  The MASTERS accepts that some drivers may not want to participate in the Prayer at the conclusion of the drivers meeting, however the MASTERS asks that those that do not want to participate in the prayer to not interfere in any fashion with those participating in the prayer.
    7. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the registered driver that is competing in the event to require any and all people associated and/or in the pits, such as the trailer, tow vehicle, or the immediate area of the racer to require that person has signed the Waiver of Liability. ALL people in the pits is required to wear the MASTERS given Pit identification piece, button, band, or marker, which is to be on EVERYONE in the Pits and/or competition area.
    8. It is the driver’s responsibility to know when and in Hillcross which lane he/she is to run in. If a driver runs in the wrong lane or wrong race, he will take a last place finish in that race.  In the Class ‘shoot-out’ in Terra-X, starting lane is determined by the driver that set the fastest qualifying time.
    9. The MASTERS DOES NOT take registration the day of the race. Only Pre-Registration is accepted.  Driver can register the night before the race, or they can fill out the registration forms, and send them with appropriate fees, where the Registration Form and Fees are received at the MASTERS Offices, 7 days in advance of the race.  Pre-Registration Forms and Fees are to be sent to; MASTERS, 610 Greenland Road, Ontonagon, MI. 49953, % of the specific event location they are Pre-Registering for.
    10. Unless specified in MASTERS Correspondence, and/or at a drivers meeting, the driver and 1 (one) Pit person will be given free admission to the event, providing the driver and the pit person attended the meeting the night before the event and received his/her driver and pit person pass. Any driver and/or pit person that does not attend the meeting the night prior to the event will be charged FULL admission on the day of the race. Additional pit passes can be purchased the night before the event, providing those that are going to be in the pits has signed the Waiver of Liability.  ONLY those that have signed the Waiver of Liability are allowed in the pits, and any person working, standing, or near the driver they are with that has not signed the Waiver of Liability may risk the chance that the MASTERS will disqualify the driver from that event or a future event, with NO REFUND.   It is up to the driver to know if the people in the pits with him/her has signed the Waiver of Liability and have a MASTERS approved and designated Pit Pass.  No one is allowed to give another individual his/her pit/driver pass.
    11. NO alcoholic beverages and/or Marijuana are allowed in the pits. A driver is not allowed to consume any alcoholic beverage or Marijuana 2 hours before and/or during the competition.
    12. Any and all unsportsmanlike conduct during a drivers meeting and/or during the event can call for disqualification for that event, and possibly future MASTERS event. The decision on unsportsmanlike conduct can be determined by a MASTERS Official or the Disciplinary Committee and the MASTERS. If a driver is disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct he/she will not be given a full refund and possibly any refund of MASTERS Fees, Pit Fees, and/or gate admission.
    13. A driver competing at a MASTERS Race has knowingly allowed the MASTERS to print his/her name on any and all promotional material and allows the MASTERS to take pictures of the driver and/or machine and use this for promotional purposes without the drivers consent.
    14. ALL snowmobiles competing in a MASTERS event is required to affix the decals and stickers of MASTERS Race Circuit sponsors, and those stickers and decals have to be either on the Snowmobile Windshield, upper part of the cowl, or in a visible location on the tunnel. The location of the Sponsor Sticker/Decal will be agreed upon by the Driver and the MASTERS prior to the start of the event.
    15. All drivers that pay for Class and MASTERS Fees by check or credit card is responsible for the payment of all charges should the bank or other institution fail to remit to the MASTERS for whatever reason. Any driver who does not take care of all charges will be under discipline from the MASTERS.
    16. The order as to the schedule of when and what classes will be run will be addressed at either the Drivers Meeting the night before or at the Drivers meeting the day of the event.
    17. Any class with 2 or fewer entries can be eliminated and the drivers will be given a full refund.
    18. All drivers are required to wear approved Upper Body Protection, a Snell Helmet no older than 5 years, or European Standard ECE 22.05. The helmet must be secured at all times. All snowmobiles with a forward or reverse movement must have the driver wearing the helmet and eye protection while the snowmobile is operated anywhere on the grounds. Eye Protection is mandatory, and if corrective lenses are required, the driver will also be required to wear them in the Pits, Staging, and during competition.
    19. Absolutely NO exposed skin is allowed during competition.
    20. Gloves and boots above the ankle are required and it is recommended that drivers also wear lower body protection, however lower body protection is not mandatory.
    21. It is highly recommended that all 120 and Junior Class drivers have mouth/teeth protection during the competition.
    22. ALL drivers under the age of 18 must have BOTH legally designated Parents sign the Waiver of Liability. Both Parents do not have to sign the same waiver, however they both have to sign the Waiver of Liability for their son and/daughter.  If a Parent does not sign this Waiver of Liability in the presence of a MASTERS Official, that parent can sign the Waiver in the presence of a Notary of the Public, and have the Notary sign and seal that Waiver of Liability.
    23. The MASTERS does not send out Cash prizes or trophies. If arrangements are made between the driver and the MASTERS, the award can be given to another person at the Awards Banquet.
    24. Any driver may be required to go to Tech for a tear down and tech inspection at any time immediately before, during, and immediately after the event. ALL drivers are required to go through Safety Tech BEFORE any practice, hot runs, or competition. All drivers that place are required to go to Tech after the final race in that class, unless the driver has made arrangements with the Tech Director.  NO driver is allowed to take his/her snowmobile to his/her trailer and/or the pit area before going through the final tech inspection.
    25. Reasonable speeds will be adhered to throughout the grounds, including the pit area. A driver can be disqualified from completion for going too fast for conditions and/or putting another individual in harm’s way.
    26. ALL snowmobiles are required to have their assigned number on both sides of the hood, or on the windshield. The numbers must be of contrasting color, 6 inches high and ¾ inches wide. However if the number is of this size and visible to MASTERS Officials, that number can be in a visible position on the back of the tunnel.
    27. The MASTERS reserves the right to not allow a snowmobile with what the MASTERS feels is offensive stickers/decals on his/her snowmobile, and/or on the drivers clothing.
    28. The MASTERS reserves the right to disqualify a driver and his/her snowmobile from competition if the MASTERS feels that the driver is not fit or able to safely compete and/or if the snowmobile is not deemed to be safe to compete.
    29. The MASTERS reserves the right to change, alter, or eliminate a rule, providing that rule has been announced at a Drivers Meeting. Unless a rule has been announced as being changed, altered, or eliminated, it is understood by the driver that these rules will be followed and the driver agrees to follow these rules. However these rules will not prevent a driver and/or pit person from being injured and possibly killed, and this is understood by the driver and those in the Pit area.
    30. Every driver is required to have a Fire Extinguisher in/on his trailer. The Fire Extinguisher must have at least 5 pounds with ABC fire extinguishing capabilities.
    31. ALL snowmobiles must have a snow flap at the rear of the snowmobile that touches the ground when the driver is on the sled.
    32. ALL snowmobiles must have an operating tether. The tether must be securely attached to the wrist of the driver or the specifically manufactured position on the driver’s upper body protection when the machine is running. It is the responsibility of the driver to prove to a MASTERS official at any time before and/or during an event that the tether is affixed to the required position (wrist or upper body protection of the driver and is working.  ALL snowmobiles that are running, whether they are in the pits, staging, or in competition must have a tether attached to the required place on the driver.
    33. ALL snowmobiles that are running with the use of a stand must have a stand that fully wraps around the back of the sled and extend at least to the center of the rear axle. The stand cannot be more than 6 inches from the rear of the tunnel opening and no more than 12 inches from the track. The Safety Stand will be constructed of metal equivalent to 6061/T6 aluminum, 1/8th of an inch thick.  Any driver and/or pit person that lifts a snowmobile to clean ojt the track can be immediately disqualified from the competition.   This includes the staging and at the starting line.
    34. Spirit Class drivers are for those of the age 40 and older. Vintage class is for snowmobiles that are 25 years old from the year of the event. Junior Class is for drivers of the age 12 to 17.