Skip Schulz (left) interviewing Matt LaCosse

Skip Schulz
MASTERS President, Founder, and Announcer

Skip started announcing Snowmobile Races in December of 1981 at the United States Snowmobile Association Ironwood (MI) Olympus Ice Oval Races. His announcing for the USSA ended in 2017. In 36 years of announcing for the USSA, he NEVER missed announcing a race. In 1987 Skip started announcing Snowmobile Watercross races for both the International Watercross Association and Snowmobile Watercross Racing. Since 1981, Skip has announced Ice Ovals, Snowmobile Watercross, Sno-Cross, Cross Country, Snowmobile Hillclimbs, Hillcross, Snow Drag and Terra-X Races. The only form of snowmobile racing that Skip has not announced is Snowmobile Grass Drags.

In addition to announcing for the USSA and the MASTERS, Skip also announced Stock Car Races at Eagle River (WI) Speedway, TNT Speedway, and Adventure Mountain Speedway (Greenland, MI), along with Moto-Cross races.

Skip currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Ontonagon County Economic Development Corporation, and the North Country Snowmoble Club. He has been an officer or Board Member of the Ontonagon County Economic Partnership, Ontonagon County Habitat for Humanity, Ontonagon County Republican Party, and the President of the Upper Peninsula Off Road Vehicle Trail Development Association. Skip was appointed to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources ORV Advisory Workgroup, Michigan DNR Western Upper Peninsula Citizens Advisory Council. 

Skip was the Founder and past President of Mi-TRALE. He also helped start two other ORV Clubs in the UP. past Chairman of the Village of Ontonagon Downtown Development Authority, past board member of Ontonagon County Search and Rescue, Siloa Lutheran Church Council, and member of Ontonagon County Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT).

A graduate of University of Wisconsin-Platteville, with a BS Degree in Broadcast Management and Broadcast Production. He was also the President of the Mu Nu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon iat UW-Platteville. Skip also completed 2 1/2 years of study in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Lay Ministry Program.

Skip’s leadership goes back many decades when he helped form the Central Wisconsin Chapter of Make-A-Wish in Merrill, WI in 1986. In 1974 he started the Rothchild-Schofield-Weston American Legion Baseball program. In 1975 he was selected to the North Wisconsin All-Star Baseball team and played at the former Mlwaukee County Stadium. He was the Coach of the Merrill Senior League All Star Team.

In the early 1980’s Skip was a Sunday School teacher at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Rothchild, WI. His faith in God led him to take the 2 1/2 year Lutheran Lay Ministry Program for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

Sandy Schulz

Sandy Schulz
MASTERS Circuit Vice President & Treasurer

Sandy has been involved in the MASTERS Circuit since the circuit’s first event. Sandy is the ‘driving force’ behind the operation and longevity of the MASTERS Circuit. She has worked other jobs to keep the MASTERS going since 1995!

Skip and Sandy were married on June 30, 1989. They got married on a Friday Night, so that they could go and announce a Snowmobile Race in Lakeville, MN the next day! Sandy helps Skip 8 days a week due to Skip’s health problems.

Sandy has also assisted with International Watercross Association and Mi-TRALE events. She used to be active in snowmobile and ATV riding, but now spends her time taking care of Skip and the families 2 Samoyed Dogs and Cat.

Sandy handles driver registration and purse payout for the MASTERS. Sandy also handles the “charts” at MASTERS events.

For years Sandy earned a spot on different Bowling House All Star Bowling Tournaments.

If it wasn’t for Sandy Schulz, the MASTERS would not have lasted as long as it has.

Jason Kleinschmidt (left) congratulating Jordan Stank

Jason Kleinschmidt
MASTERS Director of Race Operations

The MASTER is dedicating this year in the remembrance of our past VP of Racing Operations, Jason Kleinschmidt.  Jason fought Cancer for 5 years before passing away this past May.  Our new Stickers will be to Remember Jason.

Larry is always the FIRST to Congratulate a Racer. Here he is congratulating the #1 Terra-X Racer, Wyatt McIntyre.

Larry Madgewick
Grounds/Course Set-up

Larry has been into racing for many DECADES, and the past 2 years has ALWAYS volunteered to help us at the Gate. Larry also is dedicated to being at the site of our event the Day (and sometimes the WEEK) before the Hillclimb or the Race. Larry also races his Vintage Arctic Cats at the Hillclimbs and Terra-X. Larry also races at the Motorcycle Hillclimb. He ALWAYS ends the day with, “Gosh I had fun, I hope the fans enjoyed it!” Larry CARES about the Racers AND THE FANS. When you see Larry at the race, please THANK him for all that he does for the MASTERS, Snowmobiling, and Motorcycle Racing. Larry is a close friend of ALL of us in the MASTERS.

Josh Bramble

Josh Bramble

Raquel Bramble

Raquel Bramble

Josh Bramble, Raquel Bramble, Ray VanAllstine
Course Set-UP

Before the ‘flag drops’ a lot of work is done to put on MASTERS races. It is these 3 that work days, and sometimes MONTHS before a race starts. Josh, Raquel, and Ray are instrumental in helping the MASTERS set-up courses, set-up the PA/Officials Trailer, and doing all the hard work that needs to be done. They are more than just Officials for the MASTERS, they are an important part of the MASTERS Family. More importantly they are special FRIENDS to everyone in the MASTERS.

Ray VanAlstine

Ray VanAlstine

Chris Overberg

Chris Overberg

Chris Overberg – Interpace Internet Services
MASTERS Webmaster

After years of having our very special friend and Webmaster, Laura Burke, handle the MASTERS Website, our new Webmaster is Chris Overberg at Interpace Internet Services. Chris not only handles the changes and updates to our MASTERS Website, but is also our website host. The MASTERS is proud to have Chris as a part of our team and we highly recommend that if anyone is looking for a host or someone to handle their website, to contact Chris!

Interpace Internet Services

Phil Vasquez

Phil Vasquez

Phil Vasquez – Diamond House International
MASTERS Clothing, Embroidery, Printing, and Banner Supervisor

All of the MASTERS Officials and Racer clothing is provided by Diamond House International of Houghton, MI. Phil Vasquez also assists in DVD Production and dissemination. It is Diamond House International that is highly respected ALL OVER the COUNTRY when it comes do clothing and banner layout and development.

Wayne Soderbeck

Wayne Soderbeck

Wayne Soderbeck
Race Official
One of the longest members of the MASTERS Officials ‘family’ is Wayne Soderbeck. Wayne has been with the MASTERS for over 20 years! He has bee a close friend of Skip and Sandy Schulz for over 30 years. Wayne was one of the top Professional Snowmobile Watercross racers in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Wayne has held many positions as an Official. From being our Flagman, to Pit Steward, to Officials Charts…you name it, Wayne has done it. Wayne has a very successful Battery business, based out of Roberts, WI, and serving customers in the Twin Cities. Wayne used to go by the knickname of ‘Rocky Mtn Wayne,’ but now goes by the knickname of ‘Aruba Wayne.’ Wayne has seen multiple generations of racers go through the ranks of MASTERS Racing. Thank you Wayne for all the years of being more than a MASTERS Official, but for your friendship through the DECADES!

End of the Earth Entertainment
Professional Video – Drone Videographer of MASTERS

One of the best Video production company’s in the entire Midwest is End of the Earth Entertainment. Directed by Chris Wahmhoff of Baraga County. Special MASTERS Races are streamed LIVE all around the world by End of the Earth Entertainment. This company provides live coverage, Video’s that include Replay, and a lot more. The MASTERS is extremely proud to have Chris and his staff handle the Video production of the exciting MASTERS Racing Circuit events. The MASTERS has received numerous responses from people all over the world as to the quality of the End of the Earth Entertainment. The MASTERS is proud to have Chris and his staff bring the thrills and spills of MASTERS Racing to thousands of people that are unable to attend a MASTERS event.

Christian Motorcyclists Association

Christian Motorcyclists Association

Christian Motorcyclists Association of the Upper Peninsula
Security and Parking

The CMA plays an important role at MASTERS Hillclimbs in the Winter and in the Summer. The volunteers of the CMA-UP not only organize the parking of hundreds of vehicles, they also provide the security for the Pit entrance. The MASTERS always open up our racing with a CMA-UP Chaplain providing the invocation. The MASTERS is blessed to have the CMA-UP be an important part of our Hillclimbs. This organization has an annual ‘Run for the Son’ every summer. Thank-you to the CMA for all that you do in passing on your faith in God to our racers, crew, officials, and fans!

Sigma Tau Gamma Rep with Kids

Sigma Tau Gamma Rep with Kids

Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity of MTU
Hill Jockeys for Winter Hillclimbs

It is the brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity of Michigan Tech that plays a crucial role in the success of the MASTERS Snowmobile Hillclimbs. They quickly come to the ‘rescue’ of snowmobiles that failed to make it over the top of the Hill. They secure the snowmobile from rolling all the way down the hill. They also help the racer in turning the snowmobile around. This is a very physically demanding job that these MTU students perform. They are also the Officials in determining if a hillclimber hit a gate with either his snowmobile or his body. They also hand out the trophy’s to our 120 cc children that race. The MASTERS is very fortunate to have the help of this active, community-involved Fraternity. We encourage MTU students to join Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, and look forward to a long relationship between the MASTERS and Sigma Tau Gamma of MTU!

If you are interested in being a MASTERS Official, are dependable and able to work the day BEFORE the race and the entire race day, please e-mail us.