Host a MASTERS Event

How could our Club, Chamber, Individual, or Ski Hill host a MASTERS Event?

From our very first MASTERS Racing Circuit event in 1995, the MASTERS Racing Circuit is unlike any other Racing Circuit. The MASTERS does NOT charge a “sanctioning fee.” 

The MASTERS Racing Circuit asks for the following: 

1)     The Purse for our Featured Classes:  Hillclimbs- Pro Stock King of the Hill, Pro Mod King of the Hill.  Snow Drags:  TOP GUN.  Hillcross:  TOP DOG.

2)     Lodging for our trained Officials for 2 nights (4 Rooms)

3)     Trophies for the Trophy Classes:  120 cc (Minimum of 5 trophies), 1st thru 3rd in 3 Vintage classes, 1st thru 3rd in 2 Trail Stock Classes

4)     Groomer for before and during the Snow Drags

5)     Groomer to build the Hillcross Course

6)     Porta Potties or Restrooms for the Racers, Race Crews, Fans

7)     Plowed Pit Parking area for the Racers and Race Crews

8)     Fan Gate, Pit Gate Security people and fencing

9)     Permission to put up Circuit Sponsor Banners on the race sight

10)   Free Gate admission for the racers and one pit person per racer

11)   Ambulance on the grounds during the event

12)   Recovery Snowmobile with Tow Strap or Tow Board and Snowmobile driver

13)   Allow the MASTERS to provide MASTERS Racing Circuit Sponsor Vendor/Display space and MASTERS Souvenir Stand

14)   100% Racer Registration and MASTERS fees goes to pay the following…

The MASTERS Racing Circuit provides AT NO CHARGE:

1)     1 Million Dollar Fan Liability Insurance

2)     Trained Staff and Officials for registration and running the event

3)     Officials fees and travel expenses

4)     Race equipment, including Back-Stops, Starting Light, Flags, Course Cones, PA System, Generator for PA and Starting Light, Lane Markers, Race Charts and Race Chart Board, Officials Radio’s, FM Transmitter

5)     1st Place Trophies in Cash-payout classes

6)     Cash purse (other then Feature Classes)

7)     MASTERS Racing Circuit Website

8)     Press Releases before and after event

9)     Race Rules that all drivers have to abide by

10)   Race Announcer with 30+ years of Race Announcing Experience

11)   Feature Class Winners Circle Podium Trailer

12)   Safety Tech Decals

13)   Racer and Crew Waiver of Liability Forms

14)   Racer and Crew Pit Passes

For Hosting the event you will get Concessions, share of the fan admission and fan parking, Lodging, sponsorship you get for the event! Hosting a MASTERS Racing Circuit event can be a GREAT Fund-Raiser for your club or make your Ski Hill money when the skiers are gone and the snowmobilers are looking for snow!

Contact the MASTERS at 906-884-9101 or e-mail our President, Skip Schulz.

 If the MASTERS Racing Circuit wasn’t successful, how could the MASTERS Racing Circuit have stayed in business for over 20 years?

 This is not to be considered as a legal contract or agreement.  Every host site is to work with the MASTERS Racing Circuit on specific agreements for that specific site and event.