Kirtland inducted into MASTERS Hall of Fame

July 24, 2023

Mass City, Michigan’s Mike Kirtland became the 1st Motorcycle Hillclimber to be put into the Mid America Snow & Terrain Expert Racers (MASTERS) Hall of Fame.  The MASTERS has been sanctioning Motorcycle Hillclimbs for 6 years.

At past Motorcycle Hillclimbs, Mike Kirtland was the only one to make it over the top of Whealkate Bluff

In those 5 years, the Pat’s Motorsports Technician has won the Pro Mod King of the Hill the last 5 Motorcycle Hillclimbs.  He notched his 5th King of the Hill AFTER he had already been chosen to be the 1st to represent the Motorcycle Venue in the MASTERS.

Kirtland was one of only 5 Hillclimbers to consistently take his Yamaha Motorcycles over the very steep Whealkate Bluff in South Range.  90% of the Motorcycle Hillclimbers at the Annual summer Hillclimbs fail to make it over ‘the Wall’ at the top of Whealkate and register a time.

“In addition to completely dominating in the Pro Mod King of the Hill ‘shoot-out,’ Mike and his sons are always willing to volunteer in filling in the wash-outs on the Hill before we (The MASTERS) can safely run a Hillclimb,” stated Larry Madgewick, MASTERS Official.  “Mike coordinates a ‘work bee’ at the hill, but often it is just Brayden, Gabe, and himself.  One year he (Mike) even gave up his sponsor money and put it in the cash purse for other hillclimbers to win!”

Before Kirtland went on to win his 5th Straight Moyle Construction-Diamond House International Pro Mod King of the HIll, Mike (right) Kirtland received his Hall of Fame Plaque with his son, Jacob (left).

Upon receiving his Hall of Fame plaque during the 2023 running of the Wildlife Refuge Cabins – Pat’s Motorsports – M & M Power Sports – Keweenaw Motorsports Hillclimb, an emotional Kirtland stated, “I had no idea.  This was a big surprise and sure meant a lot to me.”

Of the 1000+ racers, crew members, sponsors, and officials that have been a part of the MASTERS Racing Circuit since 1991, only 9 people are in the MASTERS Hall of Fame.

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