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December 5, 2019

North Country Snowmobile Club Terra-X/Vintage Enduro & Vintage-Antique Snowmobile Show
With the recent snow in Ontonagon, MI., things are looking good for the Jan 11th, 2020, North Country Snowmobile Club Terra-X, Vintage Enduro and NOW the Vintage-Antique Snowmobile Show.
For our 1st Vintage-Antique Snowmobile show, all we are doing this year is asking people with a Vintage or Antique Snowmobile to bring them and put then on display for the day of the races.  There is no entry fee or prizes to be handed out this year, as we just want to get people to bring an old sled or two for display.  The display of the sleds will be outside of the clubhouse.  We would like to have those that are willing to run the old sleds during the playing of the National Anthem, however that is up to the owners of the old sleds.
As far as the rules for the Vintage Enduro, the only rule other than our “General Rules” is that the sled has to be 20 years or older.  That means all sleds from 2000 and older, 500 cc, can run.  However, due to Insurance, all the sleds have to follow our General Rules,’ which are on our Website, www.mastersracing.net  This includes an operating Tether on ALL sleds.  This is a safety and insurance rule, and there will be no exceptions.
The Vintage Enduro will run 30 minutes plus 2 laps…a white flag lap and the checkered flag.
Terra X classes and fee’s were sent out on my last e-mail and on our website.  Each driver will get 2 timed runs.  The 3rd fastest sled will take on the 2nd fastest sled in the Semi-Finals, with the Semi-Final winner taking on the Fastest Sled in the Class Shoot-out.  It is approximately a 3/4 to 1 miles closed course, similar to a Cross Country Race.
Terra-X is A LOT OF FUN, and you don’t have to have raced ever before to compete in this!
Triest Forest Products-Vollwerth’s Meats Mid America Championship Hillclimb, Feb. 1st, 2020, Whealkate Bluff, South Range, MI.
As I have sent out since last year, the only rule change this year is that no racer can enter more than 2 Pro Stock and 2 Pro Mod classes, however the 4 class maximum entry does not include those that may also enter a Snow Bike, Spirit, and/or a Vintage Sled.
It is at this hillclimb that we are going to have the ‘Spirit’ Class (those 40 and older) winner earn an entry into the World Championship Hillclimb in Jackson, WY.  Other than that the top 2 in both the Pro Stock and Pro Mod King of the Hill will also earn a qualifying entry to the World Championship.
If we have 3 of more Snow Bikes, we will also run a Snow Bike class, but it will be at the Feb 22nd Ojibwa Casino WINTERNATIONALS that we will have a Snow Bike King of the Hill.
As we have sent out previously, we have extended the runs as we will have a course at the bottom of the hill before the racer makes the run up the steep hill.
Other than the Pro Stock and Pro Mod King of the Hill money and the 120 class trophies, all class cash payout will be at the Feb 22nd Awards Party.  Any racer that sweeps his class at both hillclimbs and is at the Awards Party will get ADDITIONAL CASH PAYOUT.
Ojibwa Casino WINTERNATIONALS, Feb 22nd, 2020, Whealkate Bluff, South Range, MI.
It is at this Hillclimb that the Top 4 in both Pro Stock and Pro Mod earn qualifying entries to the World Championship.
It’s at this race that we will also have a Snow Bike King of the Hill.
As mentioned in the MACH info, any racer that sweeps his class at both Hillclimb and attends the Awards Party will get ADDITIONAL cash pay-out.
Mont du Lac Hillcross and the Snow Drag RACE OF CHAMPIONS, March 28, 2020, Superior-Duluth
Any racer that has won at a past MASTERS or at a recognized Snow Drag in the past 3 years is eligible to compete at the RACE OF CHAMPIONS Snow Drag.  We are going to run Pro Mod 600, Pro Mod 850, and TOP GUN,  We are only going to run a class with a minimum of 8 sleds, and a maximum of 12 sleds.  The 2019-20 TOP GUN Tie-breaker will be run.  We are also going to run a 100% Challenge in Non-Turbo and Turbo, where all the entry fee money will go back to the winner at the end of the day.  $100 entry, single elimination.  The class winners in the RACE OF CHAMPIONS is double elimination, 2 sleds racing at a time.
Hillcross classes and entry fee is on our website.  Top 12 sleds from Time Trials, will advance to the side by side competition.  Times will determine where the racer is seeded.  2 lanes, 2 sleds at a time.  Fastest time and seeding will determine lane choice.
Awards and cash payback will be 60-90 minutes after the conclusion of all the races.
We will be going back and forth between Hillcross and the RACE OF CHAMPIONS.
Mont du Lac has had a major facility change, which includes Cabins right when you come into the grounds.  PLEASE book your reservations ASAP at Mont du Lac!

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