Vintage Snowmobiles to compete in Terra-X!

December 30, 2019

Since the snowmobilers with sleds 20 years and older will be competing on the same course as the Terra-X racers for the Vintage Enduro at the North Country Snowmobile Club – 906 Services Vintage Enduro in Ontonagon, MI., on Saturday, Jan. 11 th , 2020, the MASTERS will have a Vintage Class in the
Terra-X races.

Terra-X is a closed course with tight turns, a jump, a side hill, whoops…think of it as a cross country race, but done where the fans can watch it all from start to finish.

Racers will get 2 timed runs, as they run the course by themselves. The 3 rd fastest time will take on the 2nd fastest time in a 2 lap Semi-Final, with the winner of that Semi-Final taking on the fastest time in the Class Shoot-out.

In addition to the Vintage Class in the Terra-X, we will have the kids competing on both Stock and Modified, Stock 600 and Stock 850, along with Mod 600 and Mod 850. Those classes are for anyone to have fun competing in. Winners will be getting Class Champion Shirts or another award, as will the class runner-up.

For the more experienced Terra-X racers, we will have Open Stock and TOP DOG for the Modified sleds. The 2 ‘Pro” classes will be competing for a cash purse.

Registration will be Friday Night at the North Country Snowmobile Clubhouse from 5 to 8 pm EST. Practice runs will go from 8:00 am to 9:00 am. Mandatory Drivers meeting will be at 9:00 am ET, and 10 minutes after the conclusion of the Drivers Meeting, time trials will begin.

After all the Time Trials are completed we will go to the Semi-Finals in all the classes. When the Semi’s are done we will run the Class Championship.

Right after the Terra-X class Championships are done, we will give the Vintage Enduro Racers 15 minutes to practice. Once practice is done, we are going right to the Vintage Enduro.

The Vintage Enduro is for any sled 20 years and older. All the Vintage Enduro sleds will run the course at the same time. We will run 30 minutes, than have a ‘white flag’ lap, than the checkered flag.

The Vintage Enduro Winner will get $100 from Restoretech and the Shenuk Family, with 2 nd place getting $50.00 and 3 rd Place getting $30.00, plus trophies.

The Awards ceremony for EVERYTHING will be inside the North Country Snowmobile Clubhouse. Give us 45 minutes to 60 minutes to get all the awards in place. We do not send out Class Champion awards or

Registration is on our Website. If you cannot make it on Friday Night, Jan 10 th , than send in your registration and fee’s too: MASTERS, % Ontonagon, 610 Greenland Road, Ontonagon, MI. 49953.

You only pay 1 Insurance Fee for the Non-Pro Terra-X classes. One Insurance Fee whether you run both or one of the Pro Terra-X classes, and one insurance fee for Vintage Enduro.

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