Vollwerth’s Meats/Pat’s Motorsports/Keweenaw Chevrolet-Buick-GMC/Wildlife Refuge Cabins MOTORCYCLE Hillclimb July 9th!
The most challenging Motorcycle Hillclimb in the Midwest will be the MASTERS Motorcycle Hillclimb on July 9th.  This will be at Whealkate Bluff in South Range, MI.  This is located in Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula, just south of Houghton/Hancock in the Keweenaw Peninsula.
You are asked to Pre-Register by filling out the Motorcycle Hillclimb Registration, and send the completed Registration Form, with the applicable fees too:  MASTERS, % Motorcycle, 610 Greenland Road, Ontonagon, MI.,  49953.  With your Pre-Registration, you can register for an EXTRA Class (Other than Open Modified), AT HALF PRICE, providing the MASTERS receives your Pre-Registration by Thursday, July 7th, 2022.
We will have FINAL Registration the morning of the Hillclimb from 8:00 am EASTERN Time to 9:15 am EASTERN Time at the Hill.  HOWEVER, Raceday Registration is an additional $10.00/class and $15.00 for Insurance.  You only pay ONE Insurance fee, no matter how many classes you enter.  You have to pay the highest Insurance Fee.
Other than Children and Junior, Class Winners receive a Diamond House International CLASS CHAMPION Shirt and Cash.  Cash is based upon the number of entries in the class.  All the Stock Class Winners qualify for the Stock King of the Hill and all Modified Class Winners qualify for the Mod King of the Hill.  The King of the Hill will receive an Embroidered Jacket and an additional $200 above and beyond what the winner gets by winning his class.  In the past we have had Race Teams that have also kicked in additional Cash for the King of the Hill Winners.
The Children and Junior Class Winners get Trophies for 1st thru 3rd, and a Class Champion Shirt.  The Children’s ‘Kid King of the Hill’ will also get a King of the Hill Jacket.
Those that have competed at past Motorcycle Hillclimbs understand that Whealkate Bluff is a STEEP and Challenging Hill.  Last year ONLY ONE RUN at the hill made it over the top to register a time.   At the top of the 500 Foot Bluff, there is a ‘Wall’ that makes registering a time even more difficult.  We did not have ANYONE on a Stock Bike make it over the top.  Stock Bikes are allowed Knobby Tires and Knobby Tires are HIGHLY recommended.  This year will be our final year where Extended swing arms are not permitted in Stock.  This will also be our final year with the class structure that we have this year. 
As has been in the past 30 years, the MASTERS always accepts ideas and suggestions from our racers.  We will be looking for racers to give us suggestions for new Class Structure and rule changes beginning next year.  The MASTERS understands that Whealkate Bluff is not an easy hill to compete at.  We openly admit that this hill does scare a lot of people from competing, so we are looking at ideas as to entice more racers to try Whealkate Bluff in the future.
We offer our Racers FREE Rustic Camping at a location on the grounds.  This is for Registered Racers ONLY.  We do not have Electricity for the Campers, those camping will have the use of the Porta-Potties on the Grounds.  ABSOLUTELY no one is allowed to run on the hill at ANY time prior to the competition.
Competition will begin around 10:00 am EASTERN Time, depending upon how many late Registrations we get on the morning of the competition.  The Awards will be handed out approximately 1 hour after the competition is over.  This will take place on the Grounds.
For the Rules, please read and understand them.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me.  While it is important to look at all the rules, remember ALL racers are required to have a Number on their Bike, they will also be required to have a MASTERS Sticker on their Bike.
Due to INSURANCE RULES, EVERYONE racing UNDER 18 years of age, is REQUIRED to have BOTH LEGAL Parents of the Minor Sign the Minor Waiver Form.  The signed Parental Waiver form is to be attached to the Registration.  If the Parents are not together, it is an INSURANCE Rule that the Parents sign the Waiver form in the presence of a NOTARY of the PUBLIC.  I’m sorry for this additional work, but this is NOT a MASTERS Rule, but a rule with our Fan Liability Insurance Carrier.  The Insurance the racer is paying for is Fan Liability only, we do not provide Insurance to the racer for his/her injuries, claims, etc.
End of the Entertainment provides a professional Video Crew, with drones to Video the entire event.  It will be seen live over the Internet.  Go to End of the Earth Entertainment for details on the Live Streaming.  Chris Wahmhoff and his Video team does an EXCELLENT job with the coverage of the competition.  After the race it is shown over the Internet.  The MASTERS is very PROUD to have End of the Earth Entertainment bring their crew to this EXCITING event.
The MASTERS is also fortunate to have one of the BEST Racing Photographers taking pictures during the entire event.  Over the last 30+ yearss numerous racers have purchased a picture of them racing from David Archambeau of the Houghton Daily Mining Gazette  Archy has been our Photorgrapher of the MASTERS for MANY years.  His pictures truly are AMAZING!
Fans are able to watch the entire Hillclimb and hear the PA over their FM Radio.  We do not allow ANY Fan or Crew Member on the side or top of the hill at ANYTIME.  However the fans have a great viewing vantage point from the different terraces on the Fan Parking Lot.
Gate Admission is $10.00/person, Under 6 is Free, Parking is only $10.00.  Each Racer is admitted Free and given FREE Pit Parking.  Racer Entrance will be directed by Signs, as will the Fan Entrance.
Dogfathers Concessions will be on the Grounds serving delicious Vollwerth’s Meats Products.  Security will be on the Grounds during the event.
Make plans to come and watch one of the most exciting Motorcycle Hillclimbs in the Midwest,  Or IF YOU’VE GOT THE GUTS, WE’VE GOT THE HILL for those that are willing to COMPETE!
We will be having a couple Work bee’s BEFORE the event.  We really appreciate all those that are willing to volunteer any and all help they can give us.  Watch our Facebook Page, Masters Racing Circuit for dates and times of our Work Bee’s.
If you want the BEST and ONLY seat to watch a Hillclimb or Terra-X race, become a MASTERS Official.  You will be given a MASTER Officials Shirt, and if you work all of our events, you will be given a beautiful MASTERS Officials Jacket!  You will also be PAID to work the Afternoon BEFORE the Race and the day of the race.
We are looking for DEPENDABLE Official for the Starting Line, Finish Line, Officials Trailer Timer and Distance Official, and Race Registration/Charts Official.  Please send an e-mail or call.
Watch a video from last year’s event:


Copper Peak Videos

February 24, 2022


Hurley Area Chamber of Commerce/White Thunder Riders Terra-X & Vintage 500 Enduro, Iron County Fairgrounds, Saxon, WI., Sat. Feb 26th, 2022:

The Gates will open at 7:00 am CT for the Pits.  They will open at 8:00 am CT for the Fans.

The Entry Forms are Attached.  Please fill them out and have your Entry Fee money ready to be handed in this Saturday Morning between 8:00 am and 9:00 am CENTRAL TIME.  After all the Registration is complete, we will fill out the charts for the order you will run in the Qualifying Time Trials.

We will have a Drivers Meeting at 9:45 am CT, with competition to start at 10:00 am CT.

We will finish whatever class we are in around Noon, then go to the 250’s, Mod 120’s, and Stock 120’s.  They will all run together in the 1st Round.  The Winner in each Class will automatically advance to the Finals.  All the others will run in a Semi-Final next, with the Top 2 in the Semi-Final advancing to the Final.

After the Children’s class we will finish the time trials OR go right to the Semi-Finals in Junior, then Vintage I, Vintage II, Stock 600, Stock 850, Mod 600, Mod 850, Pro Stock, TOP DOG. 

After Semi-Finals we will go to the Finals in the same order as the Semi’s.

After the Finals we will run the Vintage 500 Enduro.  All the racers will go at the same time for 30 minutes.  When you see the Flag, you will know that we have 2 laps to go, then the final lap.

Awards will be handed out right at the conclusion of the races.

INFO on the Course:  It is around 3/4 mile.  It has right and left hand turns, a jump, whoops, and a wide sweeping corner.  Start and Finish lines will be right by the Officials/PA Trailer.  The course has been groomed, packed, rolled, and groomed again.  Depending upon time we may run the Groomer again during the race…again this is only if TIME permits.

You are REQUIRED to have an OPERATING Tether, and Upper Body Protection.  This is required to get Insurance for the race.  EVERY RACER and INDIVIDUAL in the PITS is REQUIRED to sign the Waiver of Liability.


Congratulations to all those that Qualified to represent the Mid America Snow & Terrain Expert Racers (MASTERS) Racing Circuit at this year’s World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb in Jackson,  I will be sending each of you the Registration Packet, so e-mail me back CONFIRMATION that you ARE going to Jackson!  If I don’t receive your e-mail within by this FRIDAY, I will consider that you are NOT GOING to JACKSON.  My e-mail is:  sschulz [at] jamadots [dot] com

Here is the list of the 2022 World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb Qualifiers:

Pro Entry’s to the 2022 World Championship in Jackson, Wyoming:

Tyler Robinson, 5 Entries

Jordan Stank, 2 Entries (Plus 2 from last year’s Finals Qualifications)

Nick Gustafson, 1 Entry in Pro Masters

Stephanee Lynne, 1 Entry in Pro Women’s

Destiny Welch, 1 Entry in Pro Women’s

Semi-Pro Entry’s to the World Championship in Jackson, Wyoming:

Luke Maher, 3 Entries

Travis Kaurala, 2 Entries

Wyatt McIntyre, 2 Entries

Cory Burrows, 1 Entry

Roger Strack, 1 Entry

Junior Entry’s to the World Championship in Jackson, Wyoming:

Kaiden Kaurala and Draycen Byfuglien



2022 Whealkate Greatest Hits

February 17, 2022


Ski Brake Rule

February 17, 2022

One of the few ‘new’ rules the MASTERS added to our Hillclimb rules back in October it was that everyone (excluding Snow Bikes, 120’s/250’s) has to have Ski Brakes for Copper Peak.

Ski Brake

Attached is a picture of what a Ski Brake is, and a picture of where they go when you are coming back down the hill.
Ski Brakes are an old belt, riveted or screwed together.  For those that don’t make it over the top of the hill, and will go back down the hill, you need to put the Ski Brakes over your ski’s.  Thus you need to find a place where you can easily get to them when you are stuck.  These Ski Brakes gather snow on the way down and slow the sled down.

Ski Brakes on the sled when going down the hill

I want to thank Jordan Stank for taking a picture of his Ski Brakes for us to put on our Masters Racing Circuit Facebook page and to send to those on our Mailing list.


Copper Peak Hillclimb & Hurley Chamber/White Thunder Terra-X

February 15, 2022

Copper Peak Hillclimb Info:   Final Pre-Registration must be received at the MASTERS Offices by this Thursday.  Go to:  www.mastersracing.net then go to the Registration Page, print out the Hillclimb Registration, fill it out and send it to MASTERS, % Copper Peak, 610 Greenland Rd., Ontonagon, MI 49953, along with fee’s.  By doing this you need […]

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Vollwerth’s Meat WINTERNATIONALS Hillclimb Results

February 8, 2022

Presented by Keweenaw Chevrolet-Buick-GMC & Wildlife Refuge CabinsWhealkate Bluff, South Range, MI., Feb 5th & 6th, 2022 Download Complete Race Results (xls format) Keweenaw Chevrolet-GMC-Buick/Wildlife Refuge Cabins Pro Stock King of the Hill:  1) Jimmy Marietta, Hubbell, Timberline Sports Ski-Doo; 40:16.  Marietta qualifies for World Championship Hillclimb. 2) Wyatt McIntyre, Greenland, Polaris, 43.17; 3) Jordan […]

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Terra-X & Vintage 500 Enduro Poster

February 4, 2022
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WINTERNATIONALS Hillclimb South Range, Copper Peak, Saxon Terra-X info

January 28, 2022

South Range WINTERNATIONALS Course Set-Up and HELP NEEDED, Friday, Feb 4th, 1:00pm ET to 4:00 pm ET.   Sandy and I really appreciate those that can help set up the PA/Officials Trailer, Fencing to separate Staging/Start, and Fans.  Those that want to be a part of the decision on setting up the Saturday Qualifying (and […]

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