Terra-X is Changing!

November 6, 2023

Wyatt McIntyre flying on Jump Terra X

It was the MASTERS that started a whole new form of racing, called Terra-X. As with all NEW forms of Snowmobile Racing, Terra-X is evolving. The changes for the 2024 Terra-X series is going to make a great new form of racing MORE FUN for the RACER and MORE EXCITING for the Fans.

We will continue to have each driver run by themselves against the clock. It is the time trials that will determine where the racer will be ‘seeded.’ The fastest time will be ‘seeded #1’ and will run a best of 3, 3 lap race, against the lowest ‘seed.’

The racers will run in a bracket style tournament, right up to the Feature 5 lap race in each class.

We will have Trophy/Award Classes for Trail Riders, and we will have Cash Payout Classes in Pro Stock 650, Pro Stock Open, Pro Mod 650 and the FEATURE CLASS, TOP DOG (Pro Mod Open).

Wyatt Nathan Larry Trish V-5 Enduro top 3 2023

We will even have a Beat your Buddy where friends can sign up to race against each other! However, due to Insurance Rules, ALL Snowmobiles must have an operating Tether, and the Racers are required to have Helmet, Eye Protection, and Upper Body Protection.

What actually is Terra-X? Think of it as what NASCAR calls a ‘Roval.’ The ¾- to 1 mile course has jumps, moguls, right and left hand turns, and a sweeping turn that runs into a ‘straight stretch.’ In other words we combine Snow Cross with Cross Country with an old fashioned Snow Oval…all into one course.

It truly is a BLAST. It is A LOT OF FUN. Only 2 sleds on the course at a time. Give it a try, and see for yourself!

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