February 23, 2021

FINAL RACER REGISTRATION for the 2021 Vollwerth’s Meats WINTERNATIONALS Hillclimb:
For those that cannot make it this Friday Night, you can fill out the attached Registration and send that with the fees too:  MASTERS, % WINTERNATIONALS Registration, 610 Greenland Rd., Ontonagon, MI 49953.  We have to receive this in the mail by this Thursday, Feb 24, 2021.  For those registering children for the 120/200 class, make sure you have the Parental Consent Form filed out, signed in front of a Notary by BOTH Parents, and send that along with the Registration.  The Minor Parental Consent Form is also attached.
FINAL Racer Registration will run from 6 to 8 pm EASTERN Time at the Range Snowmobile Clubhouse in Atlantic Mine, only a few miles from Whealkate Bluff.  NO Registration after 8:00 pm ET on Friday Night, and especially no Registration on the day of the Hillclimb.
We will NOT have more than 12 sleds in a class.  Pre-Registered sleds are Guaranteed the 3 classes or fewer classes they signed up for.  Those that helped on Friday OR WON a class from last year will be allowed a 4th class, providing that class has openings. Everyone else cannot enter more than 3 classes.  No racer is allowed to enter all 3 or 4 entries in Pro Stock or all in Pro Mod.  Snow Bike, Vintage, Spirit do NOT go to the maximum amount of classes.  Thus if you helped, won a class last year, you could enter 4 Pro Classes, Vintage and Spirit.
The ‘Draw’ will begin after a short meeting at 8:00 pm ET.  If you cannot be there, make sure you have someone that will do the draw for you.  Those that Pre-Register over the mail, we will draw for you.
Schedule of the day of the Hillclimb:
Racer gate will open at 8:00 am ET.  Use the Racer Entrance, which is the Exit Road for the Fans.  Pit Parking is based on a First Come basis.  Those that did not sign the Waiver of Liability will be required to sign that at the Gate. 
Safety Tech will take place by the Officials Trailer.  You will need to get you and your sled Safety Tech, which you will then get the MASTERS Sticker that must be at a visible location on your sled.  No sled can compete without going through Safety Tech and having a MASTERS Sticker on the sled.
Safety Tech Rules: 
1)  Every driver must have Upper Body Protection, 2015 or newer Helmet, Eye Protection, NO exposed Skin.
2)  Snowmobile must have a snow flap that touches the ground when the driver is on the sled.
3)  Belt Guard
4) Operating Tether
5) ABSOLUTELY NO TRACTION PRODUCTS on the track, other then screws in the lugs of the track!
6) Look over and understand the GENERAL Rules and the Hillclimb Rules that are on our Website:
Due to having End of the Earth Entertainment doing a Professional Video of the Hillclimb, EVERY Snowmobile must have a NUMBER ( s ) at a very visible location on the Sled.  The Number has to have a contrasting Color.    This is going to be ENFORCED, DO NOT COME TO THE HILLCLIMB without a number on your sled, that you have on your Registration form.
From 8:00 am et to 9:15 am ET, look over the hill.  If you do not feel you can compete safely, go to the Trailer and scratch yourself from the competition.  You will get a FULL REFUND.
MANDATORY Drivers Meeting by the Officials Trailer at the bottom of the hill at 9:30 am ET.
10 minutes after the conclusion of the Drivers Meeting, we will START the Competition, with the Snow Bikes going first, then Pro Open Mod.  Those entered in those classes should be in Staging.
The 120’s will run at Noon.  They will run qualifying and King of the Hill.  We will complete a class before we go to the 120’s/200.  The Awards for the Restoretech/Shenuk Family 120s/Wildlife Refuge Cabins 200 class right after the Children’s class.
After the 2 qualifying runs in the Snow Bike Class, the Top 2 will advance to the Snow Bike King of the Hill Shoot-Out.  The Snow Bike Winner will get $200.00 from Bramble Racing-Up North Custom Apparel – Premium Spray Foam and Coatings.
After the 2 qualifying runs in the Women’s Class, the Top 2 will advance to the Women’s Queen of the Hill Shoot-Out.  The Women’s Queen of the Hill will get $200 from Premium Spray Foam and Coatings – Bramble Racing – Up North Custom Apparel.
The Houghton Powersports Pro Stock King of the Hill (KOH) will run at the end of the day.  The winners of each Pro Stock Class will qualify for the KOH where the winner will get $500.00 from Houghton Powersports, PLUS $200 from Bramble Racing/Up North Custom Apparel, total of $700.00!  Plus they will get a beautifully embroidered King of the Hill jacket from Diamond House International.
The final competition of the day will be in the Vollwerth’s Meats Pro Mod King of the Hill.  The winners of each Pro Mod Class will qualify for the KOH where the winner will get $500.00 from Volwerth’s Meats PLUS $200 from Premium Spray Foam and Coatings, total of $700.00!  Plus they will get a King of the Hill Jacket from Diamond House International.
Pro, Vintage, Spirit, Womens will get a MASTERS Class Champion Shirt from Diamond House International.  1 Shirt per driver.
All these awards will be handed out 90 minutes after the sight is cleaned up and will be handed out at Range Snowmobile Club.

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