MASTERS Update on Vollwerth’s Meats WINTERNATIONALS Hillclimb

February 15, 2021

RULES:    Look over the GENERAL RULES on this site, then look over the Hillclimb rules.  You need to understand and agree to both sets of rules.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  This includes a NUMBER that is very visible on your sled.  You have 2 weeks to get a number.  If the number you have is already taken, you will be asked to put an alphabetical letter after your number.  You HAVE to have a Safe-Jac, or other RACING Upper Body Protection.  You have to have an operating Tether on your sled.  The Snow Flap is to touch the ground when you are on the sled.  You have to have a 2010 or newer Helmet with Eye Protection.  You cannot have ANY bare skin.   As we WARNED and posted on our Rules, other than Vintage, the only traction products allowed are screws in your track lugs.  We have been saying this for years that we are moving in that direction.  This is NOTHING NEW.  If you have other traction products, you have time to pull the traction products off your track.
With the Feb 6th Hillclimb, cancelled, the 2 King of the HIll Sponsors have agreed to increase the CASH Purse on the Pro Stock and Pro Mod King of the Hill.  Bramble Racing/Up North Custom Apparel will kick in $200.00 for the Houghton Powersports Pro Stock King of the Hill.  Houghton Powersports is putting in $500, so that gives us a Total Purse of $700.00 PLUS an embroidered MASTERS King of the Hill Jacket from Diamond House International and the MASTERS.  The Jacket will be handed out after the Competition at the hill with the winner and the sled for Photo Ops.  The Money will be handed out at the Range Snowmobile Clubhouse.
Matt and Amy Cook of Premium Spray Foam and Coatings is kicking in $200 for the Vollwerth’s Meats Pro Mod King of the Hill.  That makes the Pro Mod King of the HIll winner getting $700.00, and a MASTERS King of the HIll Jacket from Diamond House International and the MASTERS.  That Jacket will also be handed out at the end of the Competition for Photo Ops.  The money will be handed out at the Awards Ceremony at the Range Snowmobile Clubhouse.
BOTH, Premium Spray Foam and Coatings/Cook Racing AND Bramble Racing/Up North Custom Apparel will each be kicking in $100, for a total of $200 for the Queen of the Hill (Women’s Class), and the Snow Bike King of the HIll.  The Queen of the Hill will also get a Jacket.  However we have to have a MINIMUM of 3 racers in the Women’s Class and the Snow Bike Class.  The top 2 in each class will qualify for the ‘Shoot-out.’
We’re going to run the Queen of the Hill Shoot-out right after the 2nd Round in that class, same with Snow Bike Shoot-out.  That will be run right after the 2nd round in that class.  The Women’s Queen of the Hill will also get one of the entry’ the MASTERS is given for the World Championship in Jackson, WY.
Qualifying entry’s to the World Championship in Jackson:
Unless you have ADVANCED to the FINALS in Jackson, ALL entry’s from the MASTERS (other then Women’s and Juniors) will be required to enter Semi-Pro at Jackson.
The best time in the Junior class will get an entry, and the Queen of the Hill will get an entry.
Winner of each class will get an entry, and the winner of the Pro Stock and Pro Mod King of the Hill will get an extra entry.  Because ALL entry’s from the MASTERS has to be in RIGHT AWAY, we need to KNOW right at the Awards Party if you are going to Jackson or not.  If you cannot go to Jackson, then the 2nd best qualifying result in the class will be given that entry.  It is YOUR responsibility to get you registration in to the Jackson Snow Devils IMMEDIATELY.  You have two weeks before the Vollwerth’s Meats WINTERNATIONALS to know if you are going or not.   It is YOUR responsibility to know and agree to the RULES for the World Championship.
Registration for the Vollwerth’s Meats WINTERNATIONALS:
If you cannot make it by 8:00 pm ET on Friday Night, Feb. 26th at the Range Snowmobile Clubhouse in Atlantic Mine, you NEED to send in your registration so that the MASTERS receives your registration and Fee’s by THURSDAY, Feb 25th, 2021.  Send the Registration and a check made out to the MASTERS; send it too:  MASTERS, % Winternationals Registration, 610 Greenland Road, Ontonagon, MI. 49953.  With your registration and check, put in a note that you WILL not be attending the Draw and the Drivers Meeting at the Range Snowmobile Clubhouse.  We then will be drawing for you.  Just so you know, we will be going over the schedule of the day, Safety Tech, directions to the Hill and the Pit Area, so it is to your interest to try to make the Drivers Meeting and Draw.
FINAL Registration is Friday Night, Feb 26th, at the Range Snowmobile Clubhouse from 6:00 pm ET to 8:00 pm ET.  The Draw will immediately follow at 8:00 pm ET
We will have a MAXIMUM number of 12 Entry’s per class.  If we have openings in a class, we MAY decide to allow a racer that has helped set up the course on Friday, or tear down on Saturday FIRST Chance to enter an additional class.  The TOTAL amount of classes a driver can enter is THREE (3), other then if we have openings in other classes, where those drivers that help OR a driver that has WON a class in the past, will be given the opportunity to run a Fourth class.  However the driver cannot run in ALL one division (Pro Stock/Pro Mod).  Again, this is only if we need drivers that have a sled that can LEGALLY compete in a class that has some openings.
Thus it is to YOUR advantage to REGISTER by MAIL, so you are assured of getting in the 3 classes that you want!
Those that Pre-Register will have to sign the Waiver of Liability at the Gate.  NO ONE IS ALLOWED in the gate, including family and crew, that does not sign a Waiver of Liability!
GATES open for Racers at 8:00 am ET on Saturday, Feb 27th.   Due to the anticipated amount of fans coming early for best Parking spots, Racers can enter the EXIT Road.  Look for the signs.  In the past we have had a South Range resident that goes and pulls our signs for the directions to the Exit Road.  Go to the Road behind the South Range Elementary School, turn right to go up the hill.  Where that road ‘T’s’ take a right, and at the bottom of the hill you will see a road going into the Woods.  That is our Exit Road, and/or Racer Entrance.  Please understand that every year it is getting more difficult to get AFFORDABLE and REQUIRED Insurance.  All Racers need to park in the Pits.  The Staging area is JUST for Officials.  Please park as close as you can to each other in the Pits.
Please drive slow on the road to the Racers Entrance.  We have some people in that area that complain every year to people racing up and down that road.  As if people pulling 30 Foot Race haulers are racing up that road.  To make the Township Board happy, I’m asking that you please drive slow on that road.
Safety Tech will run up to 9:00 am ET.  After you unload your sled, go to the Staging area where a MASTERS Official will run through a Safety Tech of you and your sled.  You then will be given a band to have on your sled that you have passed Safety Tech and will be allowed to compete.  NO EXCEPTIONS, you have to go through Safety Tech to compete.
MANDATORY Drivers Meeting will begin at 9:15 am ET.  All racers are required to attend the Drivers Meeting.  We will be going over both the Red and the Blue Course.  Look over the course BEFORE the meeting.  If you do not feel you can SAFELY compete in either or both courses, you have the chance to CANCEL your registration and you will be GIVEN A FULL REFUND.  You can walk the hill if you want.  You will be informed as to where the Staging area is and where the return trail is for those that make it over the top.  You will be told what you must do to get HELP bringing you and your sled back down the hill.  You will have 2 minutes to be at the STARTING line when it is your turn to compete.  If you are not at the Starting line, you will be scratched.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  The charts will be posted so you know when you are to run.
Competition to start 15 minutes after the conclusion of the Drivers Meeting.  Snow Bikes will open the competition with their 1st Round.  Then we will go to Pro Open Mod, Pro Mod 858, Pro Mod 700, Pro Mod 600, Pro Stock Open, Pro Stock 850, Pro Stock 700, Pro Stock 600, Women’s, Juniors, Vintage, then reverse driver and class order for the 2nd Round.
At Noon we are going to run the 120 Mod, 120 Stock, 200 class.  We will finish whatever class we are running, before we go to the Youth Classes.  The Youth Classes will have their own hill.  We are asking for Parents to help us run those classes.  We run those classes all the way through the 120 Stock King of Hill (KOH), 120 Mod KOH, and 200 KOH.  This is the time we give our hillworkers a break, a chance to warm up, get something to eat.  Thus we need parents to help our officials.  The Kids will have a course at the bottom of the hill before they go up the hill to the finish line.  We will be handing out the Kids Trophy’s at the hill.  After the Kids are done, we IMMEDIATELY return to the schedule.
End of the Earth Entertainment:   This year we have a Professional crew doing a video of the competition.  This includes Drones and Ground Camera’s.  Providing they have a good cell signal, they hope to do LIVE streaming of the event.  Chris Wahmhoff is also going to be putting together a half hour Highlight show in an effort to get the event on TV.  Thus they need GOOD SUNLIGHT.  That is why we are going to run a TIGHT and FAST Schedule.  We simply will not have the time to wait for racers to be ready to compete.  We will have the new FM Transmitter going and the PA for you to know when you are to run.  However it is YOUR responsibility to KNOW when you are to be at the Starting line or in Staging.  This is also why we cannot have more then 12 entries in the class. 
Starting Line:  Do NOT start your run until you are given the flag and the Green light to go.  We have to re-set the timer.  If you take off before we are ready, you will not have a time for your run.
Sigma Tau Gamma Hill Jockey’s:  They are there to HELP you get you and your sled safely down the hill.  YOU are to help them, not just stand by the side of your sled and have them do all the work.  Remember, they cannot go to your sled, until you shut your sled off.  If you cannot get around a gate safely, it is to your advantage to stop the sled and get it stuck.  Then shut the sled off.
REMINDER on the GATES:  You or your sled cannot hit a gate.  If you do, the Hill Jockeys make the call.  The gate you hit is your ‘high mark.’  STAY away from the GATES.  Same at the Timing Shute at the top of the Wall.  You have to go through the Timing Shute.  If you hit a gate or the Timer in the Shute, this is really going to slow down the competition.  If you feel you cannot go through the Timing Shute, DON’T TRY!
Houghton Powersports Pro Stock King of the Hill and Vollwerth’s Meats Pro Mod King of the Hill SHOOT-OUT:   During the final run of the 2nd Round, all those that won their class in Pro Stock should go to the Officials Trailer to draw for the order of the Pro Stock King of the Hill Shoot-out.  During the final run of the Pro Stock King of the Hill, all those that qualified for the Pro Mod King of the Hill should go to the Trailer for the draw for order.
Tear Down and Clean-Up:  We’re kindly asking for everyone’ help in tearing down the course, gates, timer, PA System, fencing, etc.  The faster we get tore down, the quicker we can get to the Awards Party.  Sandy and I will be writing out checks during the Tear down.
Award Party at the Range Snowmobile Clubhouse.  Winners in each class will be given a Class Champion Shirt.  If you win more than one class, you will only get one shirt.  Providing we have 5 entry’s in a class, we pay down to 3rd Place in the Pro Classes.  Only trophy’s to be given will be in the Youth Classes.  As has been the policy for over 25 years, we DO NOT SEND OUT Awards of Checks.  If you cannot make it to the Awards Party, then it is your responsibility to have someone pick up your check and Class Champion shirt.  KOH and QOH jackets and Youth Trophy’s will be given out at the hill.  With the help of racers, we hope to be at the Range Clubhouse 90 Minutes after the conclusion of the competition.
Upcoming MASTERS Races:  We are constantly working on trying to find a location for the March 13th Terra-X and the March 20th Snow Drags.  We have asked about sites, and simply waiting to hear back from them.  We will have it posted on our Facebook page and our Website, once we have locations for those events.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.  No excuses but this darn Pandemic and the State rules have made sites ‘cautious’ in having an event.  Than early on in the winter, which is hard to believe now, we didn’t have much snow.  Now the Upper Peninsula has more snow then we know what to do with!  This has also delayed us in getting posters printed as we thought by now we would have locations for those events that we can put on the posters.
Questions?  If you have any questions, e-mail them to me at sschulz [at] jamadots [dot] com  I always return my e-mails.  While I prefer e-mail questions, if you absolutely have to talk to me, you can call 906-884-9101.  I always have this on my e-mails, but I know it is going to happen.  Remember, from Thursday afternoon, Feb 25th, until Sunday NIght, Feb 28th, I will not be answering e-mails as I will be on the road or at the hill.  Everyyear, I get an e-mail on Friday from a driver wanting to know something that is in this e-mail…ie, when and where will registration be?  How much does it cost to race?  What do I need to do to my sled…etc.

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