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January 21, 2020

Triest Forest Products-Vollwerth’s Meats Mid America Championship Hillclimb at Whealkate Bluff, South Range, MI., Saturday, Feb 1st:
As I am sure many of you have seen on Social Media, we had our friends and officials put up fencing to try to stop people from running the hill, well over a month ago.  Idiots knocked down or ran over the fencing.  Diamond House International even donated a big banner asking people to STAY OFF THE HILL.  Nothing worked.  Thus the hill has a hard pack trail up the middle.   
We will be working at the hill on Friday, Jan 31st, from Noon till 4pm ET.  We will be setting up the mandatory fencing for course and fan barrier, along with the course at the bottom of the hill and the gates on the hill.  We’ll also be putting up the banners on the hill and the grounds along with signs all around the area.  Sandy and I would really, really, appreciate any help you can give us.
FINAL REGISTRATION will be Friday Night, Jan. 31st from 6 to 8 pm EASTERN Time (5 to 7 pm Central).  This will be in the Conference Room at the Ojibwa Casino in Baraga, MI.  It will not be in the former Big Bucks Bingo Hall as it has been in the past.  Now if you cannot make it by 8pm, then send in the Registration with the Fee’s so that the MASTERS receives this by THURSDAY, Jan 30th.
The Hillclimb Registration Form, along with the Minor Parental Consent Form is attached.  Per ALL Racing Insurance requirements BOTH Parents of anyone under the age of 18 must sign the Parental Consent Form.  This is to be signed either at the Friday Night Registration or in front of a Notary of the Public.  We have new drivers competing and the confusion (again this year), is that you pay ONLY ONE Insurance fee.  You do not pay insurance for each class you enter.
This year we have a new rule where you can enter a maximum of 4 Pro Classes, however you cannot enter more then 2 Pro Stock and 2 Pro Mod Classes.  However if you are 40 and older you can enter the Spirit Class in addition to the 4 Pro Classes.  You can also enter Vintage and/or Snow Bike in addition to the 4 Pro Classes.
You will have to attend the Driver’s Meeting to start at 8:00 pm ET.  If you cannot make it, when you send in your Pre-registration you can have a note as to who you will have to represent you at the Driver’s Meeting.  It cannot be someone that is also representing another driver.  It will be your representative at the drivers meeting that will be responsible for passing on all the important information, along with the ‘draw’ to the driver.
The Ojibwa Casino will be handing out FREE Casino Play coupon’s to the drivers or the driver representative.
There is NO exceptions to Pre-Registration.  For many years the MASTERS has never had driver registration on the day of the event.  The order of the competition is done on Friday Night and the charts are made on Friday Night.  This is the FIRST Hillclimb where we have allowed a driver to designate a representative to attend the mandatory Friday Night Drivers meeting as we understand we have many drivers coming from a long way away.
Order of the Day for the Hillclimb:
At 9:00 am ET, we will have the MANDATORY Drivers Meeting in front of the MASTERS Officials Trailer.  This is your last chance to scratch from the competition if you feel you cannot compete safely.  You will be given the chance to scratch and get ALL your money back.
15 minutes after the conclusion of the Drivers Meeting we will have the Christian Motorcyclist Association do our prayer, then the National Anthem.
As soon as possible after the prayer and the National Anthem we will begin the 1st Round.  As always we go from Big to Little, starting with Snow Bikes, then Pro Open Mod and working our way to Pro Stock 600.  However at Noon, no matter where we are in the competition, we will be going to the 120’s.  The 120’s will run both the 1st and 2nd run, then the top 120 Stock and 120 Mod kids will run for the Stephen Whitmer AMSOIL 120 King of the Hill.   We will also have a 200 cc Youth Class.   After the 120’s run we will go back to where we left off on the Pro Classes, including the Junior and Vintage Classes.
This year we will have a course at the bottom of the hill for everyone to run.  The 120’s and the Vintage will run STRAIGHT up the hill, they will not run the gates.  Everyone else, including Junior and Snow Bikes will run the gates.  The Snow Bike Class winner will win $100 from Coyote Snow Bike Rentals.  For this Hillclimb we will not have a Snow Bike King of the Hill run.
The 2nd Round we start with Pro Stock 600 and run to Pro Open Mod.
After the 2 runs are done we will go to the Dave’s Service Spirit King of the Hill, which this year for the first time the Spirit King of the Hill will earn a qualifying entry to the World Championship in Jackson, WY.  However the Spirit King of the Hill can enter whatever class he wants at Jackson.  The top Junior will also earn an entry to Jackson.
Then we will go to the Houghton Powersports Pro Stock King of the Hill, and end the day with the Vollwerth’s Meats Pro Mod King of the Hill.  Top 2 finishes in both the Pro Stock and Pro Mod King of the Hill will earn an entry to Jackson.  For this Hillclimb we are handing out a total of 6 entry’s to Jackson.
As we have sent out for the past 4 months, we will NOT be handing out the Class Money, but we will be handing out the King of the Hill  (KOH) Trophy’s on the grounds along with Class Champion Shirts and/or Class Champion Trophy’s.
ALL the money is going to be handed out after the final Ojibwa Casino Hillclimb series Awards Banquet on Feb 23rd at the Casino.  We will have additional money for the racers that sweep their class at both the Feb 1st and Feb 22nd Hillclimb.
Ojibwa Casino WINTERNATIONALS at Whealkate Bluff, South Range, MI., Saturday, Feb 22nd:
Everything is the same as the Feb 1st Mid America Championship Hillclimb, other then…
We will not be running a Spirit Class King of the Hill, but we will be running a Coyote Snowbike King of the Hill, where the top 2 Snow Bikes will advance to the KOH.  Coyote Snow Bikes will be giving $200 to the Snow Bike King of the Hill.  Ojibwa Casino will be giving $100 to the other KOH qualifier.
The Ojibwa Casino’s Hillclimb Series Awards Party will begin at 7:00 pm ET on Saturday NIght, Feb 22nd, at the Ojibwa Casino in Baraga.  It will be there that we will be handing out ALL the money from both the Feb 1st and Feb 22nd Hillclimb.  ADDITIONAL Class money will go to those that attend this Awards Banquet, including any racer that sweeps his class at both Hillclimbs.  We’re going to have a LOT of fun at our 1st Awards Party.
Mont du Lac Hillcross and Race of Champions, Saturday, March 28th, Mont du Lac, Duluth-Superior:
We’re bringing back BOTH Hillcross and a Snow Drag.  Click on the Registration link for the Hillcross Registration.
For the Race of Champions Snow Drags, we are ONLY going to be running Pro Mod 600, Pro Mod 850, TOP GUN, Non-Turbo Shoot-Out and the Turbo Shoot-Out.
For both Shoot-outs, it will be $100 entry fee, with the winner take all entry money for that shoot-out.  If we have at least 4 entry’s for Pro Mod 700, we will run that class.  TOP GUN will be a tie-breaker between 2 racers from the 2018-19 Snow Drag Series.  We have to have a MINIMUM of 6 racers in each class to run the shoot-out.
THE DEADLINE for Race of Champions Pre-Registration will be Feb 25th.  If we do not have enough entry’s, the MASTERS will replace the Race of Champions with a Terra-X race.
We are only going to run 2 sleds at a time in both the Hillcross and Race of Champions.  Double Elimination brackets.  While we are running Hillcross we will be grooming the Snow Drag Course, and vice versa.
Final Hillcross Registration will be Friday Night, March 27th from 6 to 8 pm CENTRAL at the Lodge at the bottom of the hill.  The Awards Party will be 90 minutes after the conclusion of the races at the Lodge at the bottom of the hill.
I will be sending out an e-mail JUST for Hillcross and the Race of Champions that will have the Registration Forms.
Mont du Lac has brand new  beautiful cabins right at the entrance to the grounds.  Make your reservations NOW.

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