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January 6, 2020

What is Terra-X?
For this coming Saturday’s Terra-X in Ontonagon, Michigan, some people may wonder what Terra-X is?
It is a FUN race for anyone with any type of snowmobile to race in!  It is a course with tight turns, a jump (if you want to jump), a side hill…basically a trail.  It is comparable to a cross country race, however it is on a 3/4 mile course where fans can watch the entire race.  This is a fun race where those that like to ‘ditch bang,’ or ride hard on a trail.
The racer gets two (runs) where he/she is running against the clock.  The timed run is with just one machine.  The 3 best times in the class then advances in the class.  The 3rd fastest time will then run against the 2nd best time in the Class Semi-Final.  The winner of that class then runs against the fastest time in the Class Shoot-Out.
We have a Stock 600 and Stock 850 Class.  This is TRUE STOCK machines…absolutely NO modifications.  This is primarily for anyone to compete in.  First place will get a choice of a Trophy or a MASTERS Class Champion Pull-Over (Shirt) or a Class Champion Trophy.  2nd Place will get a Trophy.
We will also have a Mod 600 and Mod 850 Class.  This is for those with aftermarket pipes, and other modifications.  With the fun challenging course, we have had those with 600 cc sleds that also run in the 850 class and have advanced…again Terra-X is a DRIVER form of competition, where you really don’t have the chance to use the engine size to your benefit.  1st and 2nd gets a Trophy, and possibly a choice of a Trophy or MASTERS Shirt (pull-over).
For the first time, we’re going to have a Vintage Class in Terra-X.  This is for ANY sled 20 years and older.  They will run in the same format as the Stock 600 and Stock 850 classes.
For those that are more experienced Trail Riders, can enter the 2 Pro Classes.  Pro Open Stock and TOP DOG.  Pro Open Stock is for a TRUE Stock machine of any size.  TOP DOG is the featured Class.  This is for either a Stock or Modified Sled.  Both of these classes are 100% Class Entry Fee returned.  75% if the entry’s in these classes go to 1st Place, and 25% of the entry fees go to 2nd.  Both winners also get a Trophy.
Since the MASTERS started over 25 years ago, we take a lot of pride in our Children.  We have a Stock 120 and a Mod 120 class.  Now the kids are guaranteed 2 runs.  However the course is shortened and ALL the children run the course at the same time in the 1st run.  Than we move the kids into a race where those that finish are placed in a race with comparable children.  The final is where the Top 3 children in each class run in the class final.  The top 3 in each class are given Trophy’s.  Those classes are for children between the ages of 5 to 12.
We also have a Junior Class for children between the ages of 12 to 17 years old.  Now in the Junior Class the children run the same format as the Stock 600 and 850 class.
Per ALL Racing rules and due to insurance.  BOTH Parents need to sign a Parental Consent Form.
Class Registration, Fee’s, Parental Consent form can be found on our MASTERS Website;  www.mastersracing.net   Print them out, fill them out, and send them in so that the MASTERS receives them by this coming Thursday Night.  Or you can bring the Registration form, and if necessary to the Registration this Friday Night, from 6 to 8 pm ET (5 to 7 pm CT) at the North Country Snowmobile Club, Old Norwich Road, Ontonagon, MI.  The Clubhouse and the race sight is off M-64, West of Ontonagon.  You will see our major sponsor, 906 Services on M-64, turn on the Old Norwich Trail.  We will have signs on M-64 directing you to the Clubhouse and race sight.
Safety Tech of the racers and sleds will begin at 8:00 am ET.  The races will get a chance to run practice laps from 8:00 am to 9:15 am ET.  We will have a mandatory drivers meeting at 9:30 am ET, with the time trials starting after the Drivers Meeting.
Once the 3 fastest times in each class have been determined, we will go to the Class Semi-Finals.  After the conclusion of all the Semi-Finals, we will go to the Class Shoot-outs.  However, as the MASTERS has done for years, we will run the 120 cc sleds at Noon.  The 120 cc sleds will run from start to finish, then we will go back to where we were in all the other classes.
What is Vintage Enduro?
This is where any sled 20 years and older, 500 cc sleds,  will compete in the same course as the Terra-X.  That means that 2000 model year and older sleds will compete.  They will all run the course at the same time.  The sleds with one driver will run for 30 minutes, than we will have the white flag lap, meaning there will be one more lap.  Than the Checkered Flag to determine the Top 3 finishers. 
The winner will get $100 plus a Trophy.  2nd and 3rd will also get cash and a Trophy.
Registration, fee’s are all on our Website:  www.mastersracing.net  Print them out and either send them in so that the MASTERS gets them by this Thursday, or come to the North Country Snowmobile Clubhouse on Friday NIght, from 6 to 8 pm ET.  You can also have someone you know bring the registration and fee to the Clubhouse Friday Night.
We are shooting for the start time for the Vintage Enduro to be between 1:00 and 2:00 pm ET.
If time allows, after the conclusion of the Terra-X, we are going to re-groom the track for the Vintage Enduro.
906 Services is our TITLE Sponsor.  They will have a limited amount of Race Fuel on the grounds for the Modified Sleds.  This new business is located right down the road from the Clubhouse and race grounds.
Due to ALL Racing Safety Rules, ALL sleds are required to have an operating Tether, the racer needs upper body protection, a 2015 or newer helmet, eye protection.
BOTH Races are a FUND-RAISER for the North Country Snowmobile Club. This club is 100% VOLUNTEERS.  The club grooms over 100 miles of trails.  A small portion of your entry fees goes to weekend membership and support of the club.  The club will also be selling Food in the Clubhouse, where fans can watch the entire race from the warmth of the clubhouse!
The $5.00 admission fee will also go to a raffle where a fan is going to win a great prize from North Country Snowmobile Club and 906 Services.
Vintage/Antique Snowmobile Show will also be going on.  With the help of a close friend of the MASTERS, Scott Collins of L’Anse, this year the show is just going to be fun and a great way to display the ‘old iron.’  The sleds will be on Display right outside of the Clubhouse.  SHOW YOUR PRIDE in the old sleds.  Those that want to run the old sleds are going to do a parade lap during the playing of the National Anthem.  There is no registration, fee’s, or awards for this.  However we are hoping to build this into something big in the future! 
Scott’s Superior Inn and Cabins is once again our official lodging partner for this race.  PLEASE call them to reserve your room.  Don and Kathy Scott have been a great sponsor and volunteers for the club for YEARS.  Again, please support those that support snowmobiling, our club, and this race.  They are located right down the road from the race. 
Scott’s Superior Inn and Cabins
(906) 884-4866
Support our Sponsors.  This includes:  906 Services of Ontonagon;  Ojibwa Casino’s of Baraga and Marquette; Citizens State Bank; Pat’s Motorsports Yamaha/Polaris of Greenland;  Domitrovich Insurance;  Pat’s Foods of Ontonagon;  Scott’s Superior Inn and Cabins; SONCO Ambulance;  Just Snowmobiles Video-Photography/Facebook Page; Wolfe Racing; Bramble 906 Racing; Village of Ontonagon and Ontonagon Department of Public Works; and of course, North Country Snowmobile Club.
Come out and have some FUN or make plans to come and watch!

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