The MASTERS is starting something NEW: Terra-X!

November 26, 2018

After announcing, hosting, and/or sanctioning snowmobile races for over 30 years, 25+ as the Mid America Snow and Terrain Expert Racers (MASTERS) Racing Circuit, we’re starting a new form of snowmobile racing for our circuit. It’s called Terra-X.

Terra-X is where a snowmobiler will race on a fun and challenging course. The racer will have to go through and around cones and choose to go over a jump or go around a jump. The racer will compete by him/herself against the clock. The two fastest times will then qualify for the Class Championship is a race with the two sleds competing.

EVERY snowmobile and snowmobiler will have fun in Terra-X. Short-track trail sleds can compete with long track, off-trail sleds. As long as the driver and the machine have the required safety equipment, they can have fun and compete! The course can be set up on the flat or even on a hill.

While the majority of the classes will be for trophy only, we will have one stock and one mod class where we will have a cash purse. The featured class will be TOP DOG. Trophies will go to the two who advance to the finals in 120 Stock, 120 Mod, Junior, Stock 600, and Stock 850, Mod 600, and Mod 850. Cash for the top two will go in Open Stock and TOP DOG.

Trophy Class entry fee will only be $25.00, with insurance being $30.00. Whether you compete in one class or multiple classes, the insurance is $30.00. Entry fee for Open Stock and TOP DOG is $50.00. Insurance is $30.00—again, insurance is $30.00, even if you enter the trophy and cash classes. Payback for both Open Stock and TOP DOG is 100% of entry fees, with the winner getting 75% and second place getting 25% of total class entry fees.

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