The end of an era for the MASTERS!

November 26, 2018

What began in the early 1990s with races on the Ontonagon River and the Keweenaw Bay and progressed to MASTERS Point races in Sidnaw, Sagola, Crystal Falls, Caspian, Greenland, Ontonagon, Duluth, and Marquette will soon end. After over 25 years of sanctioning snowmobile drag races, the MASTERS will no longer host, sanction, and finance snowmobile drag races.

While we will miss the many friends we have met and been proud to promote through drag racing, the MASTERS will focus on hillclimbs, hillcross, and the new form of racing for us: Terra-X.

The MASTERS staff will miss promoting and interviewing the 120cc racers. We have always believed the 120cc and junior racers is the FUTURE of snowmobile racing. We will always thank the parents and family members who got the kids into racing. We really hope our 120cc drag racers will enter Terra-X and hillclimb competition.

When one takes an objective look at the 25+ years of MASTERS snowmobile drag racing, we can be proud that the MASTERS had a longer run with snowmobile drag racing as a race circuit than many circuits in the entire U.S.

Thank you to all those who raced and supported the MASTERS in snowmobile drag racing over the years. Hopefully we will see you at a MASTERS hillclimb, hillcross, or Terra-X race this winter, or even at a motorcycle hillclimb in the summer/fall!

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