Ski Brake Rule

February 17, 2022

One of the few ‘new’ rules the MASTERS added to our Hillclimb rules back in October it was that everyone (excluding Snow Bikes, 120’s/250’s) has to have Ski Brakes for Copper Peak.

Ski Brake

Attached is a picture of what a Ski Brake is, and a picture of where they go when you are coming back down the hill.
Ski Brakes are an old belt, riveted or screwed together.  For those that don’t make it over the top of the hill, and will go back down the hill, you need to put the Ski Brakes over your ski’s.  Thus you need to find a place where you can easily get to them when you are stuck.  These Ski Brakes gather snow on the way down and slow the sled down.

Ski Brakes on the sled when going down the hill

I want to thank Jordan Stank for taking a picture of his Ski Brakes for us to put on our Masters Racing Circuit Facebook page and to send to those on our Mailing list.

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