Ojibwa Casino WINTERNATIONALS Hillclimb THIS Saturday

February 21, 2020

Friday Afternoon Grounds and Hill set-up:
We are going to be putting up the gates, banners, fencing on Friday Afternoon, starting around 1:00 pm ET.  If you can help, we really appreciate it.  If you want to voice your opinion on the gate set-up, then go to the hill on Friday Afternoon.
Pre-Registration via ‘snail’ mail is now over.  FINAL Registration is tomorrow (Friday) Night, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm EASTERN Time (5:00 to 7:00 pm Central).  This will take place in the Conference Room of the Ojibwa Casino in Baraga, MI.
EVERYONE that attends the Friday Night Registration and Drivers Meeting will get $20.00 in FREE CASINO PLAY from the Ojibwa Casino.  This includes Racer, Crew Members, and anyone else that attends on Friday Night.
Any racer under the age of 18 has to have the Parental Consent form signed by BOTH Parents, either in front of a Notary of the Public or at Registration Friday Night in front of a MASTERS Official.
Other then those that have already Pre-Registered and those that placed in the Top 3 of any of the Pro Stock and/or Pro Mod Classes, the maximum amount of classes you can register for is 3 Pro Division Classes.  You can register for Vintage, Spirit, Sno-Bike, in ADDITION to the 3 Pro Division (Pro Stock/Pro Mod).
Please have the Registration filled out when you go to the Registration Table.  On the Registration Form please fill in the town/village/city you are from.  Have the OEM and Model of the Sled, along with your Sled Number.  The Sled Number is to be at least 6 inches, preferably 8 inches, with CONTRASTING Color of your hood.  The only way we can tell that the right sled/racer is at the line is with the sled number, plus we have a lot of media that takes pictures and video of the competition, and the only way to identify who is in the picture or the video is with your sled number.
If you have up to 3 Sponsors, please write Sponsors on back, then list your 3 sponsors.
Friday Night Drivers Meeting:
This will start right at 8:00 pm ET (7:00 pm CT).  Every driver or a Representative of the driver is required to be at this meeting.  We will go over the schedule, format of the racing, and the draw for driver order.  For the FIRST time in over 25 years, we are making a change on the driver.  In an effort to speed up the competition, if we have a driver that draws back to back from one class to another, we are going to jump the back to back run by one driver.  We’re doing this to give the driver that drew back to back time to get back to the starting line.
Racer/Crew Entrance & Pit Passes:
The Racer entrance is the EXIT Road.  Signs will be posted  We had complaints from some local people, that even took down our signs to show the way to the Racer Entrance.  With the message from the Township Supervisor, we had new signs made up asking everyone to PLEASE Drive Slow and with Caution.  That entrance will be open at 8:00 am ET.
The ONLY people that are going to get the FREE Admission is the Racer and ONE Crew Member that attends Friday NIght Meeting, and signs the Waiver of Liability.   EVERYONE else that wants a Pit Pass will have to pay $20.00/person at the Racer Entrance.  Half of this is going to the Christian Motorcycle Association for all the work they do in helping us with Security and Parking.  At the Racer Entrance you will have to sign the Waiver of Liability, then you will get your Pit Pass.
Pit Parking:
This is on a first come basis.  Due to the amount of racers, please park as close to each other as you can in the Pits.
Fan Admission and Parking:
Gate Admission is $10.00, Under 6 is Free. Parking is $10.00.  Ojibwa Casino will be giving away $20.00 in FREE Casino Play with every Adult admission!   Snowmobile Parking on the non-plowed portion of the grounds is FREE.  Parking is on a first come basis.  Majority of the Parking allows the fans to see the competition from their vehicle.  We have repaired the FM Transmitter and you will be able to hear the PA over your FM Vehicle Radio.  Usually it is around 88.5 FM.
Temperatures are forecast to be in the low 40’s so bring a lawnchair…and Sun-Screen!
Please use the Garbage Cans on the grounds to keep the grounds clean.  This property is PRIVATELY owned.  We have the privilege from the land-owner to hold such an exciting and FUN hillclimb.
Dogfathers Concessions will be on the grounds with delicious Vollwerth’s Hot Dogs, Coffee and Hot Chocolate.  PLEASE support our Concessionaire.
Schedule of the Day:
Gates will open at 8:00 am ET.  Safety Tech will run from 8:00 am ET to 9:00 am ET.  EVERYONE has to go through Safety Tech right at the Officials Trailer.  Mandatory Drivers meeting will be at 9:00 am.  Competition will start right at 9:30 am ET.  Snow Bikes will go first,  Pro Open Mod will be the first Snowmobiles to go up the hill.  Then Pro Mod 850, Pro Mod 700 (if we have a minimum of 6 sleds to enter the class), Pro Mod 600, Pro Open Stock, Pro Stock 850, Pro Stock 700 (if we have a minumum of 6 sleds to enter the class), Pro Stock 600, Spirit, Vintage, Women’s, Junior to finish the 1st Round.  Then REVERSE Racer and Class Order for the 2nd Round.  Snow Bike, Junior, Women’s, Vintage, Spirit, Pro Stock 600, Pro Stock 700 (again, if we have the MInimum to run), Pro Stock 850, Pro Open Stock, Pro Mod 600, Pro Mod 700 (with miniumum entry’s), Pro Mod 850, Pro Open Mod.
We are planning on having a separate course for the 120’s and 200’s.  They will run while we are running the Vintage and Women’s classes.  We’re anticipating this to be around Noon.  The kids will have a course at the bottom of the hill, then they will go up the left side (looking at the hill from the bottom).  The finish will be determined by either time to go up the hill past the finish line, or high mark.
Junior, Vintage, Women’s Shoot-Out format:
After your first run, the Top 3 in each of those classes will run their second run as a SHOOT-OUT.  Each of these classes will have to go through ONE Gate at the bottom of the hill, then they are to go straight up the hill. Placing will be determined by the SHOOT-OUT, with the 3rd best time going first, then the 2nd best time, going second, then the best time going last in the Shoot-out.
If any Junior, Vintage, or Woman wants to run all the gates, and they feel they have the skill & talent, and the Junior Parents allow, you can enter a Pro Stock or a Pro Mod Class.
Staging and going to the Start Line:
Due to the amount of racers we had at the Triest Forest Products-Vollwerth’s Mid America Championship Hillclimb on Feb, 2nd, we have no choice but to keep things moving fast.  You are expected to be in Staging at the bottom of the hill and ready to go.  If you are not at the Starting line in ONE MINUTE, then you will be a scratch.  Look at the charts, see when you are supposed to be in staging and/or at the starting line.  Then at the Starting line, wait for the Green Light before you start your run.
Behind the Staging area:
Those that have a Pit Pass are the ONLY people allowed to be right at the bottom of the hill.  We are going to put up an additional fence from the Officials Trailer to the starting line entrance.  NO ONE, other then the racer is allowed to go on the other side of that fence.  This is an insurance and Safety rule.
World Championship Qualifier:
The Top 3 in the Pro Stock King of the Hill, and the Top 3 in the Pro Mod King of the Hill will earn a qualifying entry to the World Championship Hillclimb in Jackson Wyoming.  Total of 6 entry’s to be handed out this Saturday at the Ojibwa Casino WINTERNATIONALS.  However, those that qualify HAVE to inform Skip that they will be going, or they will NOT be going to Jackson, WY.  Those that are not going will then go to the next highest qualifier in the King of the HIll Shoot-Outs, then any remaining un-filled spots will go based on best time of the day in the Pro Classes.  Remember, you do NOT have to enter the class you won at the MASTERS event for the class you choose to enter at the World Championship.  You can enter whatever class ( s ) YOU CHOOSE at the World Championship.
King of the Hill Shoot-Outs:
The top 2 Snow Bikes will advance to the Coyote Snow Bike Adventures Snow Bike King of the Hill.  The winner will get $200 from Coyote Snow Bike Adventures.  2nd place will get $100.00 from the MASTERS.
The Ojibwa Casino Pro Stock King of the Hill will get $500 from the Ojibwa Casino’s.  The Vollwerth’s Meats Pro Mod King of the Hill will get $500.00 from Vollwerth’s Meats.  This is above and beyond the money the qualifier for the Pro Stock and Pro Mod King of the Hill will get for winning their class and qualifying for the King of the Hill Shoot-Out.
Awards/Cash Pay-back:
Other then the 120’s and 200’s, ALL Awards will be given out at the Awards Party on Saturday NIght.  This includes the KIng of the Hll, and the Class Winners from the Feb 2nd, Triest Forest Products-Vollwerth’s Meats Mid America Championship Hillclimb (MACH).  ANY Driver that sweeps his class from both the Feb 2nd Hillclimb AND the Ojibwa Casino WINTERNATIONALS will get additional purse money from the Ojibwa Casino.
All Pro Division winners will have a CHOICE between a Class Champion Trophy or a beautifully embroidered MASTERS Class Champion Shirt from Diamond House International.  One Trophy or Shirt per driver.  This is for both the Feb 2nd MACH and the Ojibwa Casino WINTERNATIONALS.  You can win 1 shirt/Trophy for the MACH and 1 shirt/trophy for the WINTERNATIONALS
We are hoping that we will have racers, and/or crew members that will help us clean up and tear down as quickly as possible so we can make out the checks and head to the Ojibwa Casino for the Awards Party.  We’re hoping to start the Awards Party around 7:00 pm ET.  This will be in the Conference Room of the Ojibwa Casino in Baraga.
We will NOT be sending out Checks and/or Trophy’s.  If you cannot make it to the Awards Party, you will have to pre-arrange with Sandy as to who will be picking up your Trophy and/or check.
It is due to the sponsorship of the Ojibwa Casino that we are able to have a cash purse and awards of over $5000 for EACH Hillclimb,  Without the Ojibwa Casino MAJOR/Title Sponsorship these hillclimbs WOULD NOT TAKE PLACE.  PLEASE show your support by attending the Awards Party on Saturday Night.
Other then tonight (Thursday Night), or tomorrow at Registration, you will not be able to get hold of me, either by phone or e-mail.  All of us with the MASTERS are going to be very busy from tonight till Registration tomorrow night.  I will NOT be able to answer any phone messages or e-mails tomorrow, nor will I be able to answer any phone calls tomorrow during registration, and obviously on Saturday.  Thank-you for your understanding.
Remember please drive SLOWLY to and FROM the hillclimb.  While this event brings in hundreds of people and thousands of dollars to the community and the area, we have a few local people that are not happy with the traffic in their community.  They allege that we have people that are driving fast to and from the event…so again, please drive slow and cautiously to and from the event.

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