Locatelli Wins Best in Show

March 1, 2016

Houghton’s (MI) Chris Locatelli’s 1971 Ski-Doo Elan won the inaugural Ojibwa Casino Vintage/Antique Show’s “Best in Show.”  Locatelli garnered the most votes of those attending this past Saturday’s Show.  Winning “Best in Show” got Locatelli $150.00 from the Ojibwa Casino.

Lake Linden’s (MI) John Huuki thrilled the crowd when he brought his very rare Lynx “Play Cat”.  This cock=pit seated twin track took 2nd in Best in Show and won the Antique Snowmobile Class.

Ron Stiebe brought 4 of his family’s sleds to put on display.  At the end of the day, Stiebe purchased Huuki’s “Play Cat.”  Stiebe’s 1973 Ski-Doo Elan took 3rd in Best in Show.

It wasn’t just Stiebe that proved this was a family-event.  Matt LaCosse of Champion, brought 2 of his son’s future Vintage Race Sleds.  His son, Nathan, had his current 120 cc sled on dislay.  It was LaCosse’s 1980 Ski-Doo Bliozzard that took first in the 1974-1990 Race Sled Division.

Over 100 people went through the doors to not only see a wide variety of Vintage and Antique sleds, but also current MASTERS Racing Circuit race sleds.  That included Florence, Wisconsin’s Nate Wicklunds 2 Junior Division sleds, along with the Circuit’s reigning # 1 Snowmobile HIllclimb sled.   That being the ClearMotion Turbo Polaris of Jordan Stank.

ClearMotion Turbo’s had a display of their Turbo sled, and the sleds that represented 5 states in the Midwest at past World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimbs.  Sleds driven by Jordan, and his father, Layne.

LaCosse, one of the 3 members of the MASTERS Racing Circuit Hall of Fame, had his ‘lay-down’ drag sled on display, in addition to the Award-Winning Ski-Doo Blizzard, and Nathan’s 120 cc sled.  LaCosse family is from Champion, Michigan.

It was the MASTERS Racing Circuit that organized the show.  MASTERS stands for Mid America Snow and Terrain Expert Racers.  This is one of the longest running Snowmobile Race Sanctioning Circuits in the Midwest.  The Circuit sanctions Snowmobile Snow Drags, Snowmobile Hillclimbs, and Snowmobile Hillcross competition throughout the Midwest.

The next event for the MASTERS will be the Mid America Championship Hillclimb (MACH) in Caspian, Michigan, on Saturday, February 20th.  The following weekends, the MASTERS will be at Keyes Peak, outside of Florence, Wisconsin, for the Wisconsin State Championship Hillcross on Saturday, Feb.27th, and the Wisconsin State Championship on Sunday, Feb 28th.

Ojibwa Casino Snowmobile Show Results:

Best in Show:  1) Chris Locatelli, Houghton, MI., 1971 Ski-Doo Elan.  2) John Huuki, Lake Linden, MI., Lynx Play Cat., 3) Ron Stiebe, L’Anse, MI, 1973 Ski-Doo Elan.

Antique Snowmobile, 1968 and older:  1st) John Huuki, Lake Linden, MI., Lynx Play Cat

Classic Snowmobile, 1969-1979:  1) Ron Stiebe, L’Anse, MI., 1973 Ski Doo Elan.  2) Chris Locatelli, Lake Linden, MI., 1971 Ski Doo Elan.  3)  Mike Wirtanen, Houghton, MI., 1973 Evinrude EQ30

Race Snowmobile, 1973 and older:1) Ron Stiebe, L’Anse, MI., 1971 Arctic Cat EXT 340

Race Snowmobile, 1974-1989:  1) Nathan LaCosse, Champion, MI., 1980 Ski Doo Blizzard.  2) Ron Stiebe, L’Anse, MI., 1976 Mercury Sno Twister 340


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