Wisconsin State Championship Hillcross and Mid America Championship Hillclimb at Keyes Peak Results

February 8, 2018

Krans Sweeps, Burrows King

Aurora’’s Tony Krans swept every class at Saturday’’s Wisconsin State Championship Hillcross, and South Haven, Michigan’’s Cory Burrows edged out Menominee, Michigan’s Layne Stank to win the Mid America Championship Hillclimb. Both events took place at Keyes Peak in Florence, Wisconsin.

Krans won his second straight TOP DOG at the Wisconsin State Championship Hillcross, sanctioned by the Mid America Snow & Terrain Expert Racers (MASTERS). Krans held off Hastings, Minnesota’s Luke Maher in Hillcross’s Featured Class.

Burrows qualified for the King of the Hill Shoot-out by winning both the Pro Mod 600 and Pro Open Stock class. Stank won three classes: Pro Open Mod, Pro Stock 850, and Pro Stock 600. Stank earned three runs in the King of the Hill and Burrows had two shots at the steep Keyes Peak ‘cliff.

Stank drew the 1st, 4th and 5th runs in the shoot-out. Burrows drew the 2nd and 6th runs. Stank started off with an amazing 43.35-second run. Burrows then notched the fastest time of the entire day with a 40.60-second run. Stank had a 43.84-second run and ended his chance at the $500 ‘winner take all,’ with a 43.61-second run. That gave the southeast Michigan professional snowmobile hillclimber the title of King of the Hill.

“”There were a couple spots on the hill, including coming out of the first gate where I felt I could have made some time up on Cory (Burrows),”” remarked Stank. “I’’ve won a lot of MASTERS Hillclimb classes over the years, but only taken a couple King titles. I wanted it, but I also admire and respect the talent and sportsmanship of Cory.

“”I watched Layne (Stank) and saw where he had a good line. I thought if I could run that line, I could post a good time,” “stated Burrows.

Stank is one of only two snowmobile hillclimbers to be in the MASTERS Hall of Fame. Stank has qualified to represent the MASTERS and the Midwest at this year’’s World Championship Hillclimb in Jackson, Wyoming. Burrows joins Luke Maher and Tony Krans in also qualifying for this year’’s World Championship.

In addition to a clean sweep in Hillcross, Krans had a ‘high-mark’ to win the Junior Class during the Hillclimb.

Earlier in the day, Krans started off with a win in the Junior class, then took the Trail Stock Feature and the Race Stock Feature. The high-flying Krans topped it off with the win in the TOP DOG Final.

Florence’’s Blake Drewa swept the 120 Stock Final in Hillcross and the Kids 120 Stock King in Hillclimb. Harvey, Michigan’s Braden Rose followed suit by winning the 120 Mod Final in Hillcross and the Kids 120 Mod King in Hillclimb.

The MASTERS’ next event will be the Ojibwa Casino WINTERNATIONALS Snowmobile Hillclimb at Whealkate Bluff on Saturday, March 3. Whealkate Bluff is located in South Range, Michigan, and is considered one of the steepest and most challenging hillclimbs throughout the entire Midwest.

The last time a hillclimb was held at Whealkate Bluff was 2011.

Wisconsin State Championship Hillcross at Keyes Peak

TOP DOG:   1) Tony Krans, Aurora, Polaris;  2) Luke Maher, Hastings, MN., Polaris

Race Stock 600:  1) Krans; Aurora, Polaris; 2) Andrew Anderson, Aurora, Polaris

Trail Stock:   1) Krans, Aurora, Polaris;  2)  Maher, Hastings, MN, Polaris;  3) Andrew Anderson, Aurora, Polaris

Junior:  1) Krans, Aurora, Polaris;  2) Andrew Anderson, Aurora, Polaris;  3) Dominic Demuri, Florence, Arctic Cat

120 Stock:   1) Blake Drewa, Florence, Yamaha;  2) Rylan Rose, Harvey, MI, Polaris

120 Mod:  1) Braden Rose, Harvey, MI, Polaris;  2) Lincoln Drewa, Florence, Yamaha

Mid America Championship Hillclimb at Keyes Peak

Keyes Peak KING OF THE HILL:  1) Cory Burrows, South Haven, MI, Polaris, 40.60 (2nd run);  2)  Layne Stank, Menomonee, MI, Polaris, 43.61 (5thrun);  3) Stank, 43.84 (4th Run)

120 Stock KIDS KING:  1) Blake Drewa, Florence, Yamaha, 35.02 (2nd Run);  2) Drewa, 40.48 (1st Run)  3)  Rylan Rose, Harvey, MI, Polaris

120 Mod KIDS KING:  1) Braden Rose, Harvey, MI, Polaris, 25.86 (2nd Run);  2) Rose, 28.88 (1st Run);  3) Lincoln Drewa, Florence, Yamaha, 44.69 (2nd Run)

Pro Stock 600:   1) Stank, Menomonee, MI, Polaris, 48.83 (2nd Run);  2) Burrows, South Haven, MI, 50.49 (2nd Run)

Pro Stock 850:   1) Stank, Menomonee, MI, Polaris, 49.93 (1st Run);   2) Stank, 50.34 (2nd Run)

Pro Open Stock:  1) Burrows, South Haven, MI, Polaris, 44.53 (2nd Run);  2) Stank, 44.71 (2nd Run)

Pro Mod 600:  1) Burrows, South Haven, MI, Polaris, 43.62 (2nd Run);  2) Stank, 45.14 (2nd Run)

Pro Open Mod:  1) Layne Stank, Menomonee, MI, Polaris, 44.14 (2nd Run); 2) Burrows, 45.86 (2nd Run)

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