WINTERNATIONALS Hillclimb South Range, Copper Peak, Saxon Terra-X info

January 28, 2022

South Range WINTERNATIONALS Course Set-Up and HELP NEEDED, Friday, Feb 4th, 1:00pm ET to 4:00 pm ET.
Sandy and I really appreciate those that can help set up the PA/Officials Trailer, Fencing to separate Staging/Start, and Fans.  Those that want to be a part of the decision on setting up the Saturday Qualifying (and finals in specific classes listed below) Course are invited and encouraged to attend this, just help.  We need help in setting up the Wireless Digital Timing System.  We have to get all this done by 4 pm ET, so we can get ready for the Final Registration at 5:00 pm ET.
Trailer Parking:
We do not have Overnight Security.  Sandy and Skip will be staying at the hill in our Motorhome, but we are not RESPONSIBLE for your Trailer or Contents.  If you choose, you can park your Trailer on Friday.
South Range WINTERNATIONALS FINAL Racer Registration/Drivers Draw and Meeting.
FINAL Registration will be Friday Night, Feb 4th, 5:00 to 8:00 pm EASTERN Time (4-7pm Central).  This will be at the Rock House in Houghton.  Turn by the Road to WalMart, and go past WalMart right to th end of the road, and you’ll see the Rock House.  The Drivers Meeting and Draw will begin at 8:00 pm ET.  This is where the Racer and 1 Crew Member get’s their FREE Gate Pass.  Those that Pre-Register will  be on a list given to Gary of the Christian Motorcyclist Assn, and required to sign the Waiver of Liability at the Racer Entrance.  ALL OTHERS that either did not Pre-Register need to be at this meeting to get a Pit Pass.  Additional Pit Passes at this meeting will be available for $10.00.
Those that Pre-Registered we will draw for you.  After the Drivers Mtg, if you want to leave and have us Draw for you, that’s fine.
Those that come on Saturday WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE PITS…PERIOD.
Vollwerth’s Meats/Keweenaw Chevrolet-Buick-GMC/Wildlife Refuge Cabins WINTERNATIONALS Snowmobile-Snow Bike Hillclimb, Whealkate Bluff, South Range, MI., Feb 5th and 6th:
The Racer Gate/Road will open at 8:00 am ET.  Look for the signs RACER ENTRANCE‘ so you don’t get stuck in line for the Fan Entrance.
Right when you get unloaded immediately go and get Safety Checked by a MASTERS Official.  EVERY SLED/RACER has to be SAFETY CHECKED BEFORE COMPETING.  Go to our General and Hillclimb Rules on our Website to read and understand the REQUIRED Safety Equipment.  Your Tether may BE CHECKED at ANY TIME during the races.
Snow Bikes, Vintage 1 and Vintage 2, Women need to be Safety Checked FIRST.  
8:45 am Snow Bike, Vintage, Women’s and 120’s Racer/Crew/Parents Meeting.
9:00 am:  Racing Starts
Snow Bikes will go first.  Just Qualifying.  The Snow Bike King of the HIll will run later in the day with the top 3 qualifying for the Snow Bike King of the Hill.  Snow Bikes run the Gates
Vintage 2 (1999 and older IFS Sleds) will go.   Vintage 2 WILL RUN THE GATES.  This class will run in its entirety.  Top 2 will advance to a Shoot-Out.
Women will go next, 1 and possibly more LESS GATES, but they will have to go around AT LEAST 2 GATES.  This class will run in its entirety.  Top 2 to Queen of the HIll. 1 Woman will qualify for the WC.
Juniors.  Jr’s will run the same gates as Women.  This class will run it’s entirety.  Top 2 to Shoot-out, with 1 Jr. Driver Qualifying for the World Championship.
Vintage 1 (NON IFS, Leaf Spring Vintage.  They will have a longer run at the start and go STRAIGHT UP the hill.  This class will run in its entirety.  Top 2 to Shoot-Out.
120 Stock then 120 Mod.  This class will run it’s entirety.  Top 3 to Shoot-Out.
Snow Bike King of the HIll.  Top 3 for King of the Hill.
PRO Stock/Pro Mod/Spirit Drivers Meeting at the Conclusion of the Snow Bike King of the Hill.
(Order of the rest of the day)  Pro Open Mod, Pro Mod 850, Pro Mod 700, Pro Mod 600, Spirit, Pro Open Stock, Pro Stock 850, Pro Stock 700, Pro Stock 600.
We will run till no later than 4:30 pm ET.  If we don’t finish the Qualifying Round in a class, we will start with the class that is up for Qualifying on Sunday.
Number of racers to advance to qualify will be determined by TOTAL number of Entry’s in the class.  40% of the entry’s in that class will advance to Sunday.  This will be posted on the class chart.
RACE SCHEDULE for Sunday, Feb 6th:
Racer Gates open at 9:00 am ET
Drivers Meeting at 9:45 am ET.
The racing will be on a NEW COURSE.  Times/Distance from Qualfying will play NO PART in the Finals, same with the King of the Hill shoot-out, prior Sunday Times/Distance does not matter.
10:00 am Racing Starts
(Order of the Day, same as Saturday Qualifying)
Spirit Class Shoot-out, with Top 2 advancing, will be right after Final runs
Pro Stock King of the Hill  (King getting an extra spot for the World Championship and has a chance at the $1000 Pro Stock King of HIll at Copper Peak)
Pro Mod King of the HIll (King getting an extra spot for the World Championship and has a chance at the $1000 Pro Mod King of the Hill at Copper Peak)
Please help with the tear down.  Quicker we get tore down, faster we will go to the Awards Party at the Rock House.
90 minutes or SOONER, Awards Party at the Rock House.  The MASTERS has never and will never send out Cash/Checks/Trophies.  If you cannot make the Awards Party, you need to make arrangements with Sandy for someone else to pick up your awards.
Polaris/Fly Industy/Ironwood Tourism Council Copper Peak Snowmobile/Snow Bike Hillclimb, Feb 19th and 20th, Ironwood, MI
Friday, Feb 18th, Set-Up, starting at 1:00 pm CENTRAL Time (2:00 pm Eastern);  The course will be set up.  Both on the bottom and on the hill.
FINAL REGISTRATION, Friday, Feb 18th, 5:00 pm CENTRAL Time (6:00 pm Eastern) until 8:00 pm CENTRAL (9:00 Eastern).  This will be at the Copper Peak Chalet.  Drivers Mtg to follow.  Skip, Sandy, and whoever wants to be a Witness will do the Draw.  Drivers Meeting at 8:00 pm CENTRAL (9:00 Eastern).  If need be, this will be outside the Chalet.
The Order of the Day (Race Schedule) is the same as the WINTERNATIONALS in South Range.
Location of the Awards will be announced at the Friday Night Drivers Meeting.
Hurley Area Chamber of Commerce/White Thunder Riders TERRA-X/Vintage 500 Enduro at Iron County (WI) Fairgrounds in Saxon, Saturday, Feb 26th:
Pre-Registration HIGHLY recommended, or you will have to be at the Fairgrounds by 7:30 am CT.  Registration will only run till 9:00 am CT  (10:00 ET) at the track.
MANDATORY Drivers Meeting, 9:30 am CT (10:30 am ET)
Qualifying Racing begins at 10:00 am CT.  Qualifying is 1 Racer at a time against the clock
Order of the day will be determined by number of entries in classes.
12:00 Noon CT.  120’s  (120’s all run against each other)  Top 3 advance to a Final
After completion of the 120’s, return to Qualifying.
Semi-Finals:  # 3 seed against # 2 Seed in Semi-Finals in each class.
Finals:  Winner of Semi-Final against the #1
Smaller CC Classes run 1st to Bigger CC Class.
LAST 2 FEATURE RACES is Pro Stock Open and TOP DOG (Pro Mod Open)
Awards at the Track.
Vollwerth’s Meats/Keweenaw Chevrolet-Buick-GMC/Wildlife Refuge Cabins MOTORCYCLE Hillclimb, June 18th, Whealkate Bluff, South Range, MI.
Start making plans to either enter or come and watch this TRULY Challenging Motorcycle Hillclimb.  Only one attempt at making it over the top of Whealkate Bluff actually made it over the top!

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