Terra-X at Mont du Lac has been cancelled

March 29, 2019

While at this present time Mont du Lac has snow on the hill where the MASTERS was going to run our final race of the season, the hill is losing two inches of snow per hour.

The forecast for next week is highs in the upper 40’s.  To build the course that would make the Terra-X fun, exciting for fans, and competitive, we had planned on a couple jumps.  There is not enough snow to make the jumps, and with the race course developed with the slaloms, and sharp turns, both the MASTERS and Mont du Lac have the fear of damage to the ground. Damage to the ground creates an erosion problem that we simply cannot gamble on.

We are sorry for those who have made plans. For those who have sent in their pre-registration, simply e-mail me if you want us to send back your check or to void the check.

This would have been the latest we ran at Mont du Lac. The MASTERS is sending this to the management at Mont du Lac and requesting that we move our final race, a Terra-X race at Mont du Lac, up one week to March 28, 2020.

Thank you to Mont du Lac for once again being so cooperative and friendly to work with! Mont du Lac staff is simply FANTASTIC to work with!

Thank you to all our MASTERS racers for understanding that no one ever thought that with the winter we had, we would have had this quick of a “meltdown” as we have had all over the Midwest.

To be fair in determining the 2019 Terra-X TOP GUN Champion, we are going to run the final points race for Terra-X at our FIRST Terra-X next season; that will be the North Country Snowmobile Club Terra-X in Ontonagon, MI on January 18, 2020.

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