MASTERS Motorcycle/Snowmobile Hillclimb Will Be Sept 19th

August 27, 2020

The Vollwerth’s Meat’s MASTERS Motorcycle/Snowmobile Hillclimb is ON!  It will be Saturday, Sept. 19th, at Whealkate Bluff in South Range, MI.
Orders on hosting this event per Michigan Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders during the Corona virus Pandemic:
I apologize for this being sent to you so close to the date of the hillclimb, but in Michigan we have been under many 30 day Executive Orders from our Governor as to what one can and cannot do during the Corona virus pandemic.  Even though the latest order expires on Sept 4th, we are going to hold the hillclimb and follow whatever rules the Governor dictates
Currently the rules allow for 250 people in one area, then another area for 250 people, and any other areas separate from each other at 250 people.  We will have one area where people can park in the back with the vehicles, then we will have another area set aside where people can bring lawn chairs and watch the hillclimb, and the area for the racers.  Then we are under the Governor’s order to maintain social distancing of 6 feet a part, and face masks.  I’m sorry for all this but to hold the hillclimb we MUST meet the Governor’s orders.
All this was done during last weekends Snowmobile Watercross races in Lake Linden, and they did not have any problems meeting all these orders.
Race Registration and Information:
We’re asking that racers either pre-register via the mail or on Friday Night at the Hill from 5:00 to 7:00 pm ET.  We will also have registration Saturday Morning from 8:00 am to 9:00 am ET.  This years registration form, along with the Parental Consent form is attached.    For those Pre-Registering via the US Postal Service, please fill out the registration form and the Parental Consent form for ALL racers under the age of 18, send this in, with the check made out to MASTERS Racing.  Send it too:  MASTERS Racing, % Motorcycle Hillclimb, 610 Greenland Road, Ontonagon, MI. 49953.  We must receive these by WEDNESDAY, Sept 16th.
Those registering at the hill, please bring the completed forms with you.


You can download the needed forms here!

Whether you run 1 or more classes in the following DIVISIONS (Youth, Stock Tires, Knobby or Paddle Tires) you pay only one insurance fee for THAT DIVISION.
As you can see by the attached Registration Form, you can run stock tires in one division, we also have another division where you can run paddle tires.  All of the Youth Classes you have to run Stock tires.
Whealkate Bluff info and a CHANGE on ‘Gates.’
Since we have been in ‘limbo’ all summer long as to whether we were going to be able to run the hillclimb, the hill HAS NOT BEEN GRADED/BULLDOZED.  The hillclimb competition is going to be like it was in the 1970’s and 1980’s…AS IS.  That means this year this is going to be the most challenging Motorcycle Hillclimb at Whealkate Bluff that the MASTERS Racing Circuit HAS EVER RUN!  While we would love to have as many racers as possible compete, we also acknowledge that this years Motorcycle Hillclimb will TRULY be a test of racer and bike!  We admit and acknowledge that this is going to scare a lot of racers away, and state that this may prevent some of the less skilled hillclimbers from competing.
Thus we are NOT going to have any gates like we had originally planned.  The racer will have to find the best way up this very steep hill, yet stay within the ‘cut’ of the hill.
This also prevents us from running a race with 2 racers on the hill at the same time.  We’re sorry for this change but SAFETY is and always will be our FIRST concern with the MASTERS.
Awards/Cash Payback:
Please understand that without knowing if we would have the hillclimb, we have only a couple weeks to try to get any sponsors for the hillclimb.  Sandy and I decided that we are going to run this hillclimb no matter what, and if it means we have to cover all the expenses for this years hillclimb, we will do it.  It is to important for our area to ‘whether the Corona virus Pandemic” and do the event.  Thus it will come down to what sponsors we can get, how many racers compete, before we know specifically what the Awards and/or cash payback will be.  However the Open Mod will be $100% entry fee payback in cash.  We will also have a 1st Place King of the Hill Cash purse.
King of the Hill will be all those (Other than Youth) win a class compete for the Vollwerth’s King of the Hill.
We are once again looking at MASTERS Class Champion Shirts for Awards, from the MASTERS and Diamond House International.
All the Awards will be handed out at the hill at the completion of the competition.
PARKING/Camping on the Grounds:
Fan and Racer Parking will be on a 1st come serve.  Those that want to come Friday Night, you can Park but understand that Overnight Parking is at your own risk.
Those that come Friday Night, we will have a spot open for limited RUSTIC Parking.  Please keep your camping area CLEAN, and only have a fire on a Grill.  The MASTERS does NOT own the property.  The property is owned PRIVATELY, it is NOT Public Property.  This event and all hillclimbs are at the courtesy of the land-owner.  Neither the landowner or the MASTERS is responsible for any injuries, damage or theft of your own personal property. 
Gate/Parking Fees:
Admission is $10/person, under 6 Free.  Racer and ONE Crew member get’s FREE Admission, Pit Parking is $10.00, Rustic Camping/Parking is $20 (1st come basis).
Looking for help from YOU:
We’re asking all of you to help us in getting the word out on the hillclimb.  While we are fortunate to have the Rocking Eagle and Eagle Country Radio that will be advertising the hillclimb, we have not had the time to get out as many posters as we usually do.  Any and all help you can give us is REALLY appreciated.
While we are hoping that we will have the brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma help us as Hill Jockeys and the Christian Motorcycle Association help us with Parking, at the time of this e-mail we are not sure of what help we are going to get.  If you are interested in FREE ADMISSION and FREE PARKING as a hillclimb volunteer, please send me an e-mail.
Currently we have Vollwerth Meats, that will be providing the food for DogFathers Concessions and helping us cover some of our expenses.  We are also fortunate to have Pat’s Motorsports of Greenland, Dave’s Service of Laurium, Diamond House International, as our only sponsors.  We are going to try to get others to help us out.  We have Mucked UP sign up as a Vendor and of course DogFathers Concessions.  If any of you would like to be mentioned on all our Radio Advertising, Posters, and the PA as a sponsor, please let us know.  We are REALLY going to promote our Sponsors!
NEW Powerful FM Radio Transmitter and Antenna:
The MASTERS has a new FM Transmitter and Antenna system whereby people throughout the grounds will be able to clearly hear the PA System on 88.5 FM.  This system was successfully used at this past weekends Snowmobile Watercross and it transmitted up to 3 miles from the grounds.  Bring your boombox to clearly listen to the PA of the racing, and the sponsors.
Thank you for your patience, understanding, help, entering the competition, or coming to watch some of the most challenging Motorcycle Hillclimb competition the entire MIDWEST has EVER SEEN!

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