Hillclimb Traction Rule

January 28, 2020

Traction Product Rule for THIS Saturday’s Triest Forest Products-Vollwerth’s Meats Mid America Championship Hillclimb AND the Ojibwa Casino WINTERNATIONALS Hillclimb on Feb 22, 2020:
The following is what has been on our Hillclimb Rules since LAST APRIL, 2019:
A Track can be altered, however it must retain the integrity to be safely operated during competition, including the Pit and Staging areas.  Other than commercially produced Traction screws, NO other Traction products will be allowed in Hillclimb competition beginning on Jan. 1, 2020.    Any amount of screws are allowed, providing the integrity of the track has not been compromised.
This was one of the very few rule changes the MASTERS has made over a number of years.  We announced this at the end of last year and is done to protect our VOLUNTEER Hill Jockey’s from a sled shooting a stud out and injuring a Hill Jockey, Official, or Media Representative.
PLEASE, go to the General Rules AND the Hillclimb Rules by navigating through the website.
The other Rule Change, which we announced in November of 2019 was that no Pro Driver can enter more then 2 Pro Stock and 2 Pro Mod, for a maximum of 4 Pro Classes.  However a driver can enter 4 Pro Classes AND enter Spirit, Vintage, and Snow Bike.  While I highly doubt anyone would do it, but one could actually run 7 classes (2 Pro Stock, 2 Pro Mod, Spirit, Vintage, and Snow Bike).
The MASTERS has 2 spots for Junior at the World Championship Hillclimb in Jackson, WY.  If we have a driver that is UNDER the age of 18, and runs in any Pro Class, the highest finish in the Pro Class will be considered a ‘Junior’ qualifier for Jackson.  Now those that enter Junior are going to have the option as to whether that Junior Driver at the MASTERS Hillclimb wants to run the ‘gates,’ or go straight up the hill.  However ONLY the Junior’s that run the gates will have a chance to win the Junior Class Trophy.
Registration/Drivers Meeting for this Saturday’s Hillclimb and Minor Waiver of Liability:
FINAL Registration is THIS FRIDAY NIGHT from 6 – 8 pm EASTERN Time at the Ojibwa Casino in Baraga.  Driver/Crew Meeting will start right after Registration CLOSES at 8 pm ET.  If you cannot make the final registration, you can send in your registration and fee’s so that the MASTERS receives this by THIS THURSDAY.
Then if the racer cannot make the Drivers Meeting on Friday Night, THEY HAVE TO HAVE A SPECIFIC REPRESENTATIVE (Crew Member) at the meeting.  That Representative/Crew Member is ONLY for ONE Racer.
Registration is attached, along with the Minor Parental Waiver of Liability Form.
Please note that the class fee’s are listed next to the class.  At the BOTTOM of the registration is the INSURANCE fee.  Pay the highest insurance fee, but ONLY ONE fee, you do not pay for insurance for every class you enter.
Remember for those with ANY RACER under the age of 18, BOTH PARENTS must sign, either at the Registration or if it is sent in, the Parents have to sign this form in the presence of a Notary of Public, and the Notary is to sign the Waiver of Liability.  You ONLY have to have this Minor Waiver of Liability for the ‘winter’ racing season, so that one Waiver of Liability is good for both Hillclimbs and/or the Duluth races.
Qualifying Entry’s to the World Championship Hillclimb in Jackson, WY:
The Pro Stock King of the Hill,  the Pro Mod King of the Hill,  (1) One Junior Spot, AND the Spirit Class King of the Hill will all be given an entry to this years World Championship Hillclimb from this Saturday’s Triest Forest Products – Vollwerth’s Meats Mid America Championship Hillclimb.  We will be handing out an entry for winning a Pro Stock Class, an entry for winning a Pro Mod class, Pro Stock King of the Hill, and Pro Mod King of the Hill, and one Junior at the Ojibwa Casino WINTERNATIONALS on Feb 22nd.   

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