July 6, 2019:
Ojibwa Casino Motorcycle Hillclimb at Whealkate Bluff, South Range, MI

We are going to have a jump at the bottom of the hill.

We are looking for YOUR thoughts, ideas, and opinion as to the idea suggested by some of the motorcycle hillclimbers that competed last year. That is to have a couple gates at the bottom of the hill that the motorcycles will have to go around. Now this would NOT be for the 50cc, 85cc, and 125cc motorcycles. It would only be for the bigger CC bikes, and the gates would NOT be real tight, nor would they be from the mid-point to the top of the bluff.

For the motorcycle hillclimbers that did not compete or attend the snowmobile hillclimbs, please be aware that we have a 10-15 foot “wall” or big hill at the top of the bluff. That is where the RaceAmerica Digital finish line timing unit is set.

In the next month the MASTERS will be putting together the Ojibwa Casino Motorcycle Hillclimb Registration sheet. This will be emailed to those on our mailing list, posted on our website, and posted on our Facebook page: Masters Racing Circuit.

Thank you EVERYONE for a GREAT year!  See you at the Ojibwa Casino Motorcycle Hillclimb on July 6, 2019, in South Range, MI!