January 11, 2020:
North Country Snowmobile Club Terra-X, Ontonagon, MI

This year the Terra-X Semi-Finals and Finals will be 3 laps.  Course will be wider, around a Mile long.  Terra-X is a combination of a Snow-Cross and Cross Country race with right and left turns, woops, a jump, and more.  It is a lot of FUN where everyone of many skills can compete.  This is a great form of racing for ‘ditch-bangers.’  We run a one-lap time trial, 2 time trial runs, with the 3rd fastest time going against the 2nd fastest time in the class Semi-Final.  The winner of that Semi-Final takes on the fastest time in a 3 lap Class Final.

This year at the end of the Terra-X, we are going to run an Endurance race for 500 cc sleds, 20 years and older.  The race will be 30 minute long + two laps.  All the sleds will compete at the same time.