MASTERS’ Web of Fame

MASTERS “Web of Fame” is a page dedicated to the drivers that helped build the MASTERS Circuit. It is our Racing Circuit’s “Hall of Fame.” However unlike other Hall of Fames, the MASTERS doesn’t induct or add people every year, just to add someone. The individual has to not only truly be deserving of the honor for what they accomplished competing in the MASTERS, they have to have been a ‘role model’ when it comes to sportsmanship and dedication to the sport and our Circuit. While we do have a couple other people that we are considering adding to our Web of Fame, we’re not sure if they will join this very elite ‘fraternity’ this year or in a future year.

MASTERS Racing Circuit ALL-TIME Leader in Snow Drag wins!

Matt Lacosse, Champion, MI.

No driver has won more Snow Drag races then Lacosse. Whether it was in the Stock, Mod, or even the Vintage Classes, Matt Lacosse has won more snow drag races then any driver in the history of the MASTERS Racing Circuit. In addition to all his 1st Place finishes, Lacosse has two sons that are following in his footsteps, Nathan and Carter. Both of these young snowmobile racers have dominated in the 120cc classes. To top all this, it is his wife Deanne that helps Matt, Nathan, and Carter in getting his sleds ready. When you bring up to 5 sleds to a race, that is no easy chore!


web-badge-voelkerPaul Voelker, Michigan, Ski-Doo Driver, Drags and Hillclimb

Paul is a member of our first MASTERS Racing “Web of Fame” class. Paul is from the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan’s western U.P. For years Paul dominated at MASTERS drag races. This lifelong Ski-doo driver not only consistently defeated fellow drivers in the 800 cc classes, but Paul was voted upon by his fellow drivers as the MASTERS Racing Circuit SPIRIT Award Winner. The SPIRIT Award was an award for a driver who displayed sportsmanship and willingness to help his fellow drivers. After Paul retired from racing, he went on to help other drivers with ‘wrenching and tech support.’ Paul also was one of the MASTERS top snowmobile hillclimbers and was one of the first to represent the MASTERS and the entire Midwest at the World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb in Jackson, Wyoming.

web-badge-turinAlan Turin, Michigan, Polaris and Yamaha Driver, Hillclimb

No one has ever dominated in MASTERS Racing snowmobile hillclimbs like this Greenland, Michigan, driver. Alan Turin not only won both Pro Stock King of the Hill but also Pro Mod King of the Hill FOR YEARS at Copper Peak. Common statement for years while Turin was competing was, “It won’t be till Turin retires will anyone ever win a Pro Stock or Pro Mod King of the Hill.” While he eventually was defeated, it took many years and many drivers to finally defeat the MASTERS All-Time Snowmobile King of the Hill. Turin was so talented at snowmobile hillclimb competition, dealers would provide him a sled just to have a chance at having the sled they sell win a King of the Hill. The ONLY thing harder then beating Turin was getting him to talk over the PA from the Winners Circle. Turin was not much for words; he simply let the show he put on for the fans do the talking.