Everything is looking good for the April 2nd and 3rd Ojibwa Casino Marquette Mountain Tri-Fecta.

Pit Parking:  The pits will be opened at 5:00 on Friday Afternoon.  We will have a place cardoned off where you can pull your trailer to the snow and unload on both Saturday and Sunday.  We will only have a few places where you will be able to have your trailer right to the snow, and this will be on a 1st come basis…but again, for those that do not get a Trailer spot right next to the snow, we will have a place for you to unload your sleds from the trailer to the snow.  If anyone is parked in that area, they will be asked to move to give others the chance to unload.  Fan parking will be across the road from the Lodge.  ABSOLUTELY no fan parking in the pits.  Only those that sign the waiver at registration will be allowed in the pits, paddock, or staging areas.  Only authorized people, pit people, racers, and officials will be allowed on the snow in the staging area.  This is for insurance and Marquette Mtn rules in addition to our MASTERS policy.

Snow Drags/Hillcross:

Final Racer registration for the Snow Drags and Hillcross will be on Friday Night, Marquette Mtn Lodge, between 6 and 8 pm ET.  If you do not want to be at that Registration or cannot be there, you still have time to send in your Registration and Fee’s.  They must be received at the MASTERS Offices by Thursday, March 31st.  We will be leaving for Marquette Mtn right after we get the mail on Thursday.  Send the appropriate attached Registration forms and fee’s too:  MASTERS, % Marquette Mtn, 610 Greenland Road, Ontonagon, MI 49953.  Snow Drags, Hillcross, and Hillclimb Registration forms are attached.

We have had some questions as to the MASTERS Fee’s and Insurance.  If you run in just one of the events (Snow Drags, Hillcross, Hill Challenge) then the fee’s is $60.00.  If you run in more than one of the events, such as Snow Drags and Hillcross, or Hillcross and Hill Challenge, than the total fee’s for both events is $80.00 ($40.00/event).  The Hill Challenge Registration is the attached Hillclimb Registration.

They have snow, enough to make for a great groomed flat track for the Uphill Snow Drags, along with the jumps for the Hillcross.  Both of which will take place on Saturday, April 2nd.  We will be going back and forth between the Snow Drags and Hillcross.  We will have the charts with the race number/order so you will be able to see when you race, and what lane you are assigned.

UP Fuel and Lube will be on the grounds.  Remember, the ONLY Turbo sleds that are allowed to run in TOP GUN are those that run on 92 Octane Gas.  John Nekhay will have 92 Octane Gas for those sleds along with the VP Racing Fuel for those that want the race fuel for the Mod Sleds.  ALL the Turbo’s that are in TOP GUN will be quarantined to the UP Fuel area in paddock.  John and UP Fuel and Lube is a MASTERS Ojibwa Casino Racing Series sponsor so we ask you to please support UP Fuel and Lube.

We are hoping that we will have good enough snow conditions to have a specified lane for Test N Tune for both the Snow Drags and Hillcross.  The Snow Drag TNT (Test N Tune) will begin at 8:15 am ET, and run till 8:45 am ET.  The Hillcross Test N Tune will run right  after the Mandatory Drivers Meeting at 9:00 am ET, and will runn for 1/2 hour while the Snow Drags are taking place.

The Snow Drags will begin 5 minutes after the conclusion of the Drivers Meeting.  We’re anticipating that the Hillcross will begin right around 10:00 am ET.

120cc Snow Drag Racers will run around Noon, and around 1:30  for the 120’s in Hillcross.

We will be grooming as necessary, but all grooming is done in between announced rounds.

With both events running on Saturday from start to finish, we are going to keep the races running.  We will not have time for drivers to be at the starting line.  You can see the charts to know when you race and which lane you are to be in.

After the TOP GUN and TOP DOG Trophy Presentation at the Winner’s Circle, we will move quickly to get checks made out.  We’re going to have the trophy and purse payout between 60 and 90 minutes after the TOP GUN and TOP DOG Trophy Presentation,  This will be in the Marquette Mtn Lodge.  Other than TOP GUN, we are not going to have Year End Class Champions, since we had to cancel Wausau and Duluth, so the points from the UP Championship and Marquette Mtn races this winter will be carried over to next year.   We will have a TOP DOG Champion for the year.

Points in TOP GUN and TOP DOG are based on the same formula we have been using for years.  1st Place is given 2 points plus the total amount of drivers in the class.  Thus if we have 12 people in the class, 1st Place will get 14 points.  2nd Place is minus 1 point from the Total amount of drivers in the class.  Again, with 12 drivers in the class, than 2nd place would get 11 points, 3rd, minus 2….and on down.

Hill Challenge:

Final Registration for the Hill Challenge will take place after the Trophy and Cash presentation on Saturday Night.  While I do not know the specific time that the Hill Challenge Registration will begin, we do know that it will end at 8:00 pm ET on Saturday Night, April 2nd.  This will take place at Marquette Mtn Lodge.  If you cannot make it Saturday Night, you can send in your registration and fee’s.  They have to be received at the MASTERS Offices by Thursday, March 31st.  Send the Hillclimb Registration too:  MASTERS, % Marquette Mtn, 610 Greenland Road, Ontonagon, MI 49953.  Please understand that Sandy and I are going to be very busy going back and forth between the Snow Drags and Hillcross on Saturday, so please do not ask to take your registration during the Snow Drag and Hillcross Races.

For those that may not have been at Marquette Mtn last year for the Hill Challenge, or at the Adventure Mtn Hill Challenge, this is what a Hill Challenge is.  We have some jumps at the start, then we go to a series of gates for you to go around.  The Timing chute is the finish line at the top of the hill.  Unlike a Hilclimb, everyone can easily make it to the top.   You run against the clock, by yourself.  We havfe 2 rounds for each entry.  Your 2 times are added together, than we divide them to give us your final time.  The winners in each Stock and each Mod Class than qualify for the Stock and Mod King of the Hill.  The Stock and Mod King of the Hill are than qualified for the 2017 World Championship Hillclimb in Jackson, WY.

We will have the mandatory Drivers Meeting at 9:30 am ET on Sunday Morning, April 3rd.  Competition will begin at 10:00 am ET.

60 minutes after the conclusion of the King of the Hill “Shoot-outs” and Trophy Presentation, we will have the Trophy and Cash Payback at Marquette Mtn.  We are going to move this event and the Awards Party as fast as we can as we know many of you have a long way to drive to get back home on Sunday.


Please help us help our Lodging Partner by making your reservations at the Settle Inn.  This is the CLOSEST motel to Marquette Mtn, right at the intersection of US 41 and the highway to the hill.  They have a pool, and whitlpool.  It is a great place to stay!  They have a Restaurant right next door.  We’d love to have you stay with our Officials and chit chat around the pool on Saturday Night.  Located at 1275 US-41, Marquette, MI 49855
Phone:(906) 228-8100

You can also call the Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau at (906) 228-7749.

Ojibwa Casino Marquette:

This is a GREAT Casino, located just outside of Marquette in Chocolay Township.  We encourage everyone to go to the Casino when the races are done!


Wausau SNOW Drags, Wausau, WI, March 5

by Laura Burke on March 1, 2016

This is going to take place at the home of one of the biggest Snowmobile Grass Drags in the Midwest.  It is a FANTASTIC facility, and the MASTERS is really looking forward to a long relationship with the Trailmates Snowmobile Club.  It will be one of the best facilities for a Snow Drag ANYWHERE in the United States.

Final Registration is going to be on Friday NIght, March 4th, at the Trailmates Snowmobile Club Clubhouse.  This will begin at 6:00 pm CT, and run till 8:30 pm CT.  The ‘draw’ will be at 8:30 for brackets

Saturday morning from 8:00 to 9:00 we will have Test and Tune.  The MANDATORY Drivers Meeting will be at 9:15 am CT.  Competition to start around 9:30 am CT.  TOP GUN and Outlaw Trophy presentation will be on the grounds.  All other trophies and ALL Cash will be at the Awards Party on Saturday Night.  This will be at the Trailmates Snowmobile Club Clubhouse 90 minutes after the conclusion of the races.

As always, we will run 500 feet on groomed snow.  We will move the starting line as needed.  We are going to run ALL the classes, from 120cc, to Junior, to Trail Stock, to Race Stock, to Pro Mod, to TOP GUN and Outlaw.  Now we are going to run a separate Pro Open Mod and Outlaw.  Pro Open Mod are naturally aspirated snowmobiles up to 1500 cc, however Turbo’s that run on 92 Octane are allowed to run in Pro Open Mod.  TOP GUN are naturally aspirated sleds up to 1200 cc, and Turbo’s that run on 92 Octane Gas.  All other Turbo’s run in Outlaw.

If you want to Pre-Register and do not want to come to Registration or the ‘draw’ on Friday Night you can fill out the Snow Drag Registration, send it in with the fee’s too:  MASTERS, % Wausau, 610 Greenland Road, Ontonagon, MI 49953.  This must be received at the MASTERS offices by Thursday, March 3rd.  If we do not get your registration by Thursday, March 3rd, you have to register Friday Night.

Just as the past 15 years, the MASTERS does not take registration the day of the race.

Our official Lodging Partner for the Wausau SNOW Drags is the Badger Hotel, 3209 E Main St, Merrill, WI 54452.  Please call Phone:(715) 536-6880.

The Wausau SNOW Drags is pretty much in the middle of Wausau and Merrill, so while the Badger Hotel is located in Merrill, it is under 10 miles from the race site.

The Badger Hotel has a pool, bar (with food), and is a great place for the entire family to stay at.  This is where Sandy and I and our staff will be staying.  We’d love to sit in the bar and chit chat on Friday, then sit around the pool on Saturday and talk to all our MASTERS Racing Circuit Family.


Map to race site is available at www.wausausnowdrags.com.

Mountain Lions Hill Challenge at Adventure Mountain, Greenland, MI, Saturday, March 12

This year the Superior Snowmobile Club will be using a groomer to build the Hill Challenge Course.  Just as last year, we will have a ‘table top/jumps’ at the bottom of the hill, then the racers will transition into a series of gates going up the hill.  This is one sled at a time against the clock.

Unlike the Hillclimbs, you do not have to attend the Friday NIght Registration and the ‘draw.’  However you then have to have your registration in to the MASTERS, by Thursday, March 10th.  We use the Hillclimb Registration for Hill Challenge, so fill out the Hillclimb Registration and send this in, with the fee’s too:  MASTERS, % Adventure Mtn, 610 Greenland Road, Ontonagon, MI 49953.  The final Registration for the Adventure Mtn Hill Challenge will be Friday Night, March 11th, at Beer Belly Bob’s in Greenland.  This will begin at 6:00, and end at 8:30 pm ET, with the ‘draw.’  If you are not present, we will have someone else draw for you.

The MANDATORY Saturday Morning Drivers Meeting will be at 9:30 am ET.  You are asked to WALK the course before the Drivers Meeting.  Depending upon snow conditions, we ‘may’ allow you to practice on the BOTTOM of the hill, but no one will be allowed to run the gated slalom going up the hill.  This will be snow dependent, and if we have good snow conditions, the ‘practice runs’ will go from the conclusion of the drivers meeting for only a half hour.

The Pro Stock King of the Hill and the Pro Mod King of the HIll will qualify for the 2017 World Championship Hillclimb in Jackson WY.

Our official lodging partner for the Adventure Mountain Hill Challenge is Scott’s Superior Inn of Ontonagon.  Please call them for reservations: Phone:(906) 884-4866

Mont du Lac TRI-FECTA, April 2nd and 3rd, Duluth/Superior:   The Hillclimb will run on Saturday, April 2nd.  The Mandatory Drivers Meeting and final Registration will be Friday Night, April 1st at the Mont du Lac lodge at the bottom of the hill.  Final Registration will begin at 6:00 pm CT and run till 8:00 pm CT, with the Drivers Meeting to start at 8:00 pm CT.  The ‘draw’ will be at 8:30 pm CT.  Saturday Morning Drivers meeting at the bottom of the hill will be at 9:00 am, with competition to start around 9:30 am, following the usual MASTERS Hillclimb format.

We will have the Awards Party and Dinner at the Lodge at the top of the hill.  Dinner will be $15.00.

The Top 2 racers in both the Pro Stock King of the Hill and the Pro Mod King of the Hill will qualify for the 2017 World Championship Hillclimb in Jackson, WY.

Hillcross and the Grand National Uphill Snow Drags will run on Sunday April 3rd.  The Hillcross will be way to the right at you are looking up the hill from the lower level lodge.  The Grand National Snow Drags will be on the hill that we used last year for Hillcross.  We will be going back and forth between Hillcross and Drags.

The Hillcross TOP DOG and the Grand National Uphill Drag TOP GUN and Outlaw Trophy Presentation will be on the hill.   All other Trophy’s and ALL Cash payout will be 90 minutes after the competition at the lodge at the bottom of the hill.

Final Registration for the Hillcross and the Grand National Uphill Drags will be FRIDAY Night at the lodge at the bottom of the hill, OR at the Hillclimb Awards Party, Saturday Night, at the lodge at the top of the hill, starting at 6:00 pm CT.  Hillcross and Drag Racers can Pre-Register by filling out the appropriate Registration form, sending it in with fee’s too:  MASTERS, % Mont du Lac, 610 Greenland Road, Ontonagon, MI 49953.  This must be received at the MASTERS Offices by Thursday, March 31st.

Our Official Lodging Sponsor for the Mont du Lac TRI-FECTA is the Super 8 of Duluth.

Address: 4100 W Superior St, Duluth, MN 55807

Phone:(218) 628-2241

MASTERS Snow Drag Championships, Marquette Mountain HIllcross, and Hill Challenge, Marquette, MI, April 9th and 10th:

We will run the Uphill Snow Drags and the Hillcross on Saturday and Sunday.  The Semi-Finals in all the classes for both the Drags and Hillcross will be on Sunday Morning.  Final Registration for both the Drags and Hillcross will be Friday NIght, April 8th, at Marquette Moutain Lodge, from 6 to 8:30 pm ET.  The ‘draw’ for brackets will be at 8:30 pm ET.  If you send in the appropriate Registration form and fee’s, you need not register on Friday NIght.  Pre-Registration form and fees must be at the MASTERS offices by Thursday, April 7th, they should be sent too:  MASTERS, % Marquette Mtn, 610 Greenland Road, Ontonagon, MI 49953.

We will run Drag and Hillcross Test and Tune from 8:00 am to 9:00 am ET.  Mandatory Drivers Meeting for BOTH will be at 9:15 am, with competition to start around 9:30 am EASTERN Time.  We are going to be going back and forth between Drags and Hillcross on Saturday.  The Drag Finals will run from start to finish on Sunday Morning, then we will go to the Finals in Hillcross on Sunday Morning.

We will be handing out the Trophy’s and the Cash payout immediately after the Features in both Drags and Hillcross, however the Class Champion Trophy’s for the year will be at the Hill Challenge Awards Party in the Lodge.

Final Registration for the Marquette Mtn Hill Challenge will be Saturday Night, April 9th, at Marquette Mtn.  This will begin at 6:00 pm ET and run till 8:30 pm ET, with the draw taking place at 8:30 pm.  This is a Hill Challenge, while we use the Hillclimb Registration, we do not have a mandatory drivers meeting the night before the event, however if you do not Pre-Register by sending in the registration form and fee’s by Thursday, April 7th (see address above).

Mandatory Hill Challenge Drivers Meeting will begin 1/2 hour after the completion of the Drags and Hillcross Finals on Sunday.  Start of Hill Challenge to follow 15 minutes after the drivers meeting.

The Pro Stock King of the Hill and Pro Mod King of the Hill Trophy’s will be on the Hill, ALL other trophy’s and cash payout will be at the Awards Party, 90 minutes after the conclusion of the Hill Challenge in the Marquette Mtn Chalet.  The Pro Stock King of the HIll and the Pro Mod King of the HIll will qualify for the 2017 World Championship Hillclimb in Jackson, WY.

Our Official Lodging Partner for ALL of the Marquette Mountain events is the Settle Inn of Marquette,   They have a pool and are located right on the way to Marquette Mtn.  Call (906) 228-8100 for reservations.  Marquette County Convention and Visitors Bureau is also a lodging partner:  Call 906) 228-7749.




Locatelli Wins Best in Show

by Laura Burke on March 1, 2016

Houghton’s (MI) Chris Locatelli’s 1971 Ski-Doo Elan won the inaugural Ojibwa Casino Vintage/Antique Show’s “Best in Show.”  Locatelli garnered the most votes of those attending this past Saturday’s Show.  Winning “Best in Show” got Locatelli $150.00 from the Ojibwa Casino.

Lake Linden’s (MI) John Huuki thrilled the crowd when he brought his very rare Lynx “Play Cat”.  This cock=pit seated twin track took 2nd in Best in Show and won the Antique Snowmobile Class.

Ron Stiebe brought 4 of his family’s sleds to put on display.  At the end of the day, Stiebe purchased Huuki’s “Play Cat.”  Stiebe’s 1973 Ski-Doo Elan took 3rd in Best in Show.

It wasn’t just Stiebe that proved this was a family-event.  Matt LaCosse of Champion, brought 2 of his son’s future Vintage Race Sleds.  His son, Nathan, had his current 120 cc sled on dislay.  It was LaCosse’s 1980 Ski-Doo Bliozzard that took first in the 1974-1990 Race Sled Division.

Over 100 people went through the doors to not only see a wide variety of Vintage and Antique sleds, but also current MASTERS Racing Circuit race sleds.  That included Florence, Wisconsin’s Nate Wicklunds 2 Junior Division sleds, along with the Circuit’s reigning # 1 Snowmobile HIllclimb sled.   That being the ClearMotion Turbo Polaris of Jordan Stank.

ClearMotion Turbo’s had a display of their Turbo sled, and the sleds that represented 5 states in the Midwest at past World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimbs.  Sleds driven by Jordan, and his father, Layne.

LaCosse, one of the 3 members of the MASTERS Racing Circuit Hall of Fame, had his ‘lay-down’ drag sled on display, in addition to the Award-Winning Ski-Doo Blizzard, and Nathan’s 120 cc sled.  LaCosse family is from Champion, Michigan.

It was the MASTERS Racing Circuit that organized the show.  MASTERS stands for Mid America Snow and Terrain Expert Racers.  This is one of the longest running Snowmobile Race Sanctioning Circuits in the Midwest.  The Circuit sanctions Snowmobile Snow Drags, Snowmobile Hillclimbs, and Snowmobile Hillcross competition throughout the Midwest.

The next event for the MASTERS will be the Mid America Championship Hillclimb (MACH) in Caspian, Michigan, on Saturday, February 20th.  The following weekends, the MASTERS will be at Keyes Peak, outside of Florence, Wisconsin, for the Wisconsin State Championship Hillcross on Saturday, Feb.27th, and the Wisconsin State Championship on Sunday, Feb 28th.

Ojibwa Casino Snowmobile Show Results:

Best in Show:  1) Chris Locatelli, Houghton, MI., 1971 Ski-Doo Elan.  2) John Huuki, Lake Linden, MI., Lynx Play Cat., 3) Ron Stiebe, L’Anse, MI, 1973 Ski-Doo Elan.

Antique Snowmobile, 1968 and older:  1st) John Huuki, Lake Linden, MI., Lynx Play Cat

Classic Snowmobile, 1969-1979:  1) Ron Stiebe, L’Anse, MI., 1973 Ski Doo Elan.  2) Chris Locatelli, Lake Linden, MI., 1971 Ski Doo Elan.  3)  Mike Wirtanen, Houghton, MI., 1973 Evinrude EQ30

Race Snowmobile, 1973 and older:1) Ron Stiebe, L’Anse, MI., 1971 Arctic Cat EXT 340

Race Snowmobile, 1974-1989:  1) Nathan LaCosse, Champion, MI., 1980 Ski Doo Blizzard.  2) Ron Stiebe, L’Anse, MI., 1976 Mercury Sno Twister 340



New Richmond, Wisconsin’s Kelly Shilts and Owosso, Michigan’s Scott Felver won the Pro Outlaw and TOP GUN Features at the UP Championship Snow Drags.  This was the first race in the Ojibwa Casino Racing Series for the season.

Shilts hit speeds well over 100 MPH on the hard packed 500 foot lanes with his D & D Powersports Arctic Cat Turbo.  Taking a second was Howell, Michigan’s Nick Stilson on the Jaws Performance Arctic Cat, with the Pat’s Motorsports Yamaha piloted by Greenland, Michigan’s, Al Turin taking a 3rd.

While Stilts was expected to be the one to beat in Pro Outlaw, the driver that was expected to win the TOP GUN Feature was Laurium’s Jerry Biuschell.  Buschell is the defending TOP GUN Champion, and the MASTERS Racing Circuit’s number one Snow Drag Racer.  Buschell advanced to the feature, but took a 3rd.

Winning the TOP GUN Feature was the Lower Michigan Arctic Cat racer, Scott Felver.  Taking a second was Greenland’s Al Turin on the Yamaha Push Turbo.

“While it was the ‘UP Championships,’ it was Wisconsin, Lower Michigan, and Minnesota based drivers that made the trip to Ontonagon worthwhile!  The competition for this years races were some of the fastest snowmobiles on snow!” commented MASTERS Racing Circuit President, Skip Schulz.

MASTERS stands for Mid America Snow and Terrain Expert Racers, and is one of the longest running snowmobile sanctioning race circuits in the Midwest.  The MASTERS will sanction 12 events this winter, along with the upcoming January 30th, Ojibwa Casino Vintage/Antique Snowmobile Show at the Big Bucks Bingo Hall, located next to the Ojibwa Casino in Baraga.

While Upper Peninsula racers did win some of the classes, it was Stilson’s team from Lower Michigan that captured Pro Mod 600 class, Race Stock 600, and Trail Stock Open classes.  Stilson had Florence, Wisconsin’s Nate Wicklund run his sled to a victory in the Race Stock 600, while Alan Dibler took Trail Stock Open.  Stiilson won the Pro Mod 600.

The Minnesota-based Bikeman Performance team  had Anthiny Amundson in the winner’s circle with a win in Race Stock 800.

Upper Peninsula drivers that ‘held serve’ on home turf included Mohawk’s John Mihelich in Pro Mod 800.  It was in a Quarterfinal that Buschell ‘wheelied’ is sled.  When his sled hooked up to the point of standing it ‘straight up,’ he lost to much ground, thus advancing West-Central Wisconsin’s Drew Minkel and Mohawk’s John Mihelich.

Both Minkel and Miheloch would breeze through the Semi’s and advance to an exciting feature, where Mihelich edged out Minkel by inch’s.  Star Prairie, Wisconsin’s Justin Nelson took a 3rd.

“While TOP GUN and Outlaw will get a lot of attention, I think the Pro Mod 800 class is going to be one of the most competitive this year.  Remember, we had some of our top drivers in this class that were eliminated early in the day.  Such as CJ Nordang of Iron River (MI), the Copper Country’s Tom Hodges, and Buschell,” Schulz stated.

Buschell kept his 4 year unbeaten streak going by winning Pro Mod 700.  However Hodges is narrowing the gap at the finish line and took a second.  Stilson took a 3rd.

“Once again the fans really loved the kids racing the 120’s.  It was good to also have the Junior Drivers racing,” remarked Ontonagon County Economic Partnership President, Bill Fisher.

Harvey, Michigan’s Braden Rose won the 120 Mod class over Champion’s Nathan Lacosse, while Carter Lacosse beat Ryan Holstrom of Ontonagon  This was Holmstrom’s first race.

Florence, Wisconsin’s Nate Wicklund  and Greenland’s Wyatt McIntyre thrilled the crowd in the Junior Class.  Wicklund took a 1st with McIntyre taking a second.  The 13 year old Wicklund also won theTrail Stock 600 class and Race Stock 600.

After the Jan 30th Ojibwa Casino Vintage/Antique Show, the MASTERS Ojibwa Casino series will head to Caspian, Michigan for the Mid America Championship Hillclimb.  This is the first of 2 Snowmobile Hillclimbs that are qualifiers for this year’s World Championship Hillclimb in Jackson, Wyoming.  The following weekend, the MASTERS will hold the Wisconsin State Championship Hillcross and Hillclimb at Keye’s Peak in Florence, Wisconsin.  The Hillclimb at Keyes Peak will be the final qualifier for this years World Championship Hillclimb.

The series includes events in Greenland, Michigan; Superior/Duluth; and Marquette Mountain in Marquette, Michigan.

UP Championship Snow Drag Results:

Ojibwa Casino TOP GUN:  1)  Scott Felver, Owosso (MI), Arctic Cat;  2)  Al Turin, Greenland (MI), Yamaha;  3) Jerry Buschell, Laurium (MI), Ski-Doo

ClearMotion Turbo’s Pro Outlaw:  1) Kyle Shilts, New Richmond (WI) D & D Arctic Cat; 2) Nick Stilson, Howell (MI), Hypersports Arctic Cat; 3) Al Turin, Greenland (MI), Yamaha

UP Fuels and Lube Pro Mod 800:  1)  John Mihelich, Mohawk (MI), Ski-Doo;  2)  Drew Minkel, Rice Lake (WI), Ski-Doo;  3)  Justin Nelson, Star Prairie (WI), Arctic Cat.

Citizens State Bank Pro Mod 700:  1) Jerry Buschell, Laurium (MI), Ski-Doo;  2) Tom Hodges, Lake Linden (MI), Arctic Cat;  3)  Nick Stilson, Howell (MI), Arctic Cat.

Domitrovich Insurance Pro Mod 600:  1)  Nick Stilson, Howell (MI), Arctic Cat;  2) Matt Lacosse, Champion (MI), Wahl Brothers; 3)  Trevor Wood, Calumet (MI), Arctic Cat

North Country Snowmobile Club Race Stock 800:  1)  Anthony Amundson, Shakopee (MN), Arctic Cat;  2) Justin Nelson, Star Prairie (WI), Arctic Cat; 3) Nick Stilson, Howell (MI), Arctic Cat.

Pat’s Motorsports Race Stock 600;  1)  Nate Wicklund, Florence (WI) Arctic Cat;  2) Dave Wood, Calumet (MI), Arctic Cat;  3) Trevor Wood, Calumet (MI), Arctic Cat.

Peninsula Graphics Trail Stock Open:  1) Alan Dibler, Byon (MI), Arctic Cat;  2)  Gary Stanke, Clio (MI), Arctic Cat;  3)  Shad Sherman, Burton (MI), Arctic Cat.

Scott’s Superior Inn and Cabins Trail Stock 600:  1)  Nate Wicklund, Florence (WI), Arctic Cat;  2) Dave Wood, Calumet (MI), Arctic Cat;  3) Wyatt McIntyre, Greenland (MI), Polaris

Christian Motorcycle Association Junior:  1) Nate Wicklund, Florence (WI), Arctic Cat;  2) Wyatt McIntyre, Greenland (MI), Polaris

OCEP 120 Mod:  1)  Braden Rose, Harvey (MI) Polaris;  2)  Nathan LaCosse, Champion (MI), Polaris

Tom Picotte’s 120 Stock:  1)  Carter LaCosse, Champion (MI), Polaris;  2) Ryan Holmstron, Ontonagon (MI), Arctic Cat



Once again this year, Ojibwa Casinos of Baraga and Marquette will be our Title Sponsor of ALL the MASTERS Events this winter. As a great destination for snowmobilers to stay and play in the Baraga area, and the place for snowmobilers to go in Marquette, the Ojibwa Casino’s really is the Snowmobilers Casino! Ojibwa Casino in Baraga has a snowmobiles package that includes lodging and gaming that you simply will not believe! With the longest running snowmobile event for the MASTERS taking place at Marquette Mountain, it is great to have the support of the Ojibwa Casino in Marquette.

Ojibwa Casino Vintage Snowmobile Show and Swap: This will be on Saturday, Jan 30th.

Here are the classes:
Antique Snowmobiles (1968 and older), Classic Snowmobiles (1969-1979), Classic Snowmobiles (1980-1990), Race (1973 and older), Race (1974-1990), Current Race (1991-current), & Best in Show. Trophies will be awarded for 1st through 3rd place for each snowmobile class. Cash prizes will be awarded to those who are “Best in Show”. “Best in Show” will be determined by most votes cast. There will be (6) buckets set up at the PA trailer for spectators to vote.

Show registration is a $10 entry fee and will begin at 8am and end at 10am. Those who pay the entry fee will receive a $10 free play offer which will be valid until Sunday, January 31st. Admission for the general public will be free, those who attend will also receive a $10 free play offer. The show will be free for those who come to swap snowmobiles; vendors are also welcome to join and pay a vendor fee of $10.

Prize List:
Best in Show
1st – $150
2nd – $75
3rd – $50

I am hoping to have many of our racers display the race sleds at this show.

Ontonagon County Economic Partnership UP Championship Snow Drags, presented by North Country Snowmobile Club, Sat., Jan 9th, 2016, Ontonagon, MI:
The Ojibwa Casino Racing Series will begin with this event. 500 foot, groomed track, 3 lanes. Expanded shut-down. The Groomed Snowmobile Trail has been moved, so we have full use of the entire facility, and the return lane will be groomed for the racers only. Pre-Registration will open at the end of the month, final registration will once again be at the North Country Snowmobile Clubhouse. Location for the Cash payout and Awards will be announced.

Our official Lodging Partner for this race is once again, Scott’s Superior Inn and Cottages. PLEASE call them at 906-884-4866 for lodging.

As has been posted on our Masters Racing Circuit Facebook page, we have 1 MAJOR RULE Change in Snow Drags for this year: Trail Turbo’s that run on 92 or less Octane will be allowed to compete in the prestigious TOP GUN Class. All other Turbo’s will have to run in the Open Mod/Outlaw class. Non Turbo’s up to 1200 cc with natural aspiration can run in TOP GUN.


Buschell Wins UP Championship Snow Drags

by Skip Schulz on January 21, 2015

Lake Linden, Michigan’s, Jerry Buschell won the TOP GUN Feature at Saturday’s Ontonagon County Economic Partnership (OCEP) Upper Peninsula Snow Drag Championships. Buschell defeated team-mate, Paul Voelker and John  Mihelich in the final. Voelker and Mihelich are from Laurium, Michigan. All 3 drivers were on Ski-Doos.

Buschell kept his 3-year unbeaten streak going by also winning the Pro Mod 700 class, took a second in Pro Mod 800, and a 3rd in the Open Mod Final. It was the “Sling Shot,” 600 horsepower, Turbo of Jeff Moleski that had the crowd excited throughout the day. Moleski’s snowmobile not only dominated in the Open Mod class, but thrilled the crowd when his Jaws Performance, S-3 Engineering, Michigan Power Sports turbo-charged 4-stroke snowmobile challenged Buschell to a special race at the end of the day. Moleski, from Howell, Michigan, gave Buschell a 3 sled lead at the starting  line. Moleski easily won the special race.

Moleski, racing with the Stilson Race Team drove over 12 hours to get to the first event of the Ojibwa Casino/MASTERS Racing Series event in Ontonagon, Michigan.
“We drove through white-out conditions from below the (Mackinaw) bridge to be at this race. Fortunately we left a day early to make sure we got here. We haven’t had any snow back home to even test on,” commented Nick Stilson.
Stilson won Race Stock 600, took a second in Race Stock 800, Mod 700, and a 3rd in  Mod 600 classes. Stilson was on Arctic Cats.

While Stilson Racing made the long trip to the Western UP worthwhile, Buschell’s teammates, did well. In addition to Voelker’s second in Top Gun, Ken Cohen won the Pro Mod 800 class.

MASTERS, which stands for Mid America Snow and Terrain Expert Racers, opened their 15th year of sanctioning snowmobile races. The OCEP UP Snow Drag Championships, had drivers from both Michigan Peninsulas and Wisconsin competing on both Stock and Modified snowmobiles. The machines raced side-by-side on 3 North Country Snowmobile Club groomed lanes. The machines hit speeds over 100 MPH in 500 feet.
The snowmobile racer that has won more races then any other driver in the circuit history, Matt Lacosse of Champion, Michigan won the Race Stock 800 class on a Ski-Doo. It was Lacosse’s sons, Nathan and Carter, that won the 120 cc class.

In addition to Lacosse Racing, another team that has been with the MASTERS Racing Circuit for years is Wood Brothers Racing. Wood Brothers Racing, from Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, took home a UP Snow Drag Championship class by winning the Trail Stock 600 class. Dave Wood on an Arctic Cat won that class. Dave’s son, Trevor took a second in Race Stock 600.

Taking advantage of his home-town special built snowmobile race track was Ontonagon’s Adam Hawkins. An Ojibwa Casino Racing Series champion from last year, Hawkins defeated Lacosse and Stilson in the Pro Mod 600 class final.   Hawkins was on a Polaris.

“When you look at having Rosely Racing from the Lower Peninsula, Minkel Racing from Rice Lake, Wisconsin, and one of our Circuit’s best snowmobile racers, (Adam) Hawkins from Ontonagon, we had the ‘cream of the crop’ at the races,” commented MASTERS President, Skip Schulz. Ontonagon County Economic Partnership President, Bill Fischer, told the drivers and the fans to expect an even bigger race next year.

“We want to let everybody know that we’re already committing to the MASTERS and the UP Championship Snow Drags to host the race in 2016,” stated Fischer.

The Ojibwa Casino/MASTERS Snow Drag series now heads to Sagola for the Sagola Sportsman Club Tip Up Town Snowmobile Drags. The Snow Drags will be on Eddy Lake, next to the Sagola Sportsman Club on Saturday, February 7th. The circuits first Snowmobile Hillclimb will be on February 21st when they host the Mid America Championship Hillclimb (MACH) in Caspian, Michigan. The first Hillcross will be at Keyes Peak in Florence, Wisconsin on March

1st. The Ojibwa Casino series includes stops at Marquette Moutain in Marquette, Michigan, and Mont du Lac, located near Duluth, Minnesota.


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